Saturday, October 1, 2011

House Razing

So, the bully 2 houses down and the meth user 2 houses down across the street are tearing down this old, single-wide mobile home across the street. I do wonder if they have a permit - I had to get one when mine was being torn down - and I will be contacting the city about that. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't care, but these 2 individuals have started too much trouble with me over the past couple of years, long story not worth going into.

So, I'm standing out on the side of my house, behind my gates, looking at this stuff going on. The meth head leaves 'his' house to go to the mobile with some equipment. He starts staring at me, slowly turning his head as he is walking towards the house. He does this all the way down until he gets in front of the house. I guess he was attempting to intimidate me, which doesn't happen easily. A 37 year old juvenile, that's all I can equate him to.

Regardless, I now find out my son was accosted by that woman again last night, J.D. as well. Good thing she is gone. I would have let her know how I feel about her talking BS to my son and JD after I informed her to NOT talk to my son - EVER again, earlier this week. She is the type of person that cannot keep her mouth shut and spouts off all kinds of bile. She told the trailer tenants that at one point in her life she had done - everything apparently. She also told them that she "knows" that I really didn't want her to leave. Gag. I have no after effects now excepting it made me mad that she had started this s*** up again with my son and then, I found out, she was putting some kind of drops in my dog's eyes!

Ummmm, whatever. I am not feeling well - haven't all day but now night time is closing in and I really am feeling it - time to go to bed. I guess I should ante up the $50 and go to an Urgent Care place tomorrow and see if they can offer any kind of help..........


Woman Tenant Is Gone

I will be happy to say that I did not have to take this woman to court, did not have to incur the court costs - around $210 total to get a person physically removed though that probably has gone up by now - and she has left on her own volition. I did not have to give her the rest of her rent money back, but to get her out of here? Yes, indeed, I handed it to her 5 minutes ago and this is over. Unless, of course, she is going to follow through with this phony "sexual harassment" claim of hers, one good reason to have a lot of other people around in this kind of living situation. Lots of witnesses.

I posted the room for rent a few hours ago, first person has responded. I would rather get it rented out quickly, if possible, versus waiting until the 15th for a person that I don't know will show up. He - the proposed tenant - was going to drop of money yesterday, instead, I heard nothing from him. That almost 100% always means that the person has changed their mind and not worth waiting around for.

I made my trek to Walgreens as soon as they opened. 2 for 1 cold medicine and 2 for 1 Tylenol on sale, got both. I'm not a big fan of Tylenol because of the problems it can cause on your body, more specifically your liver, but, apparently that isn't necessarily the case if you just don't take too much of it. The cold medicine already has acetaminophen in it and "vigorously" warns to not take acetaminophen capsules while taking this medication - I guess meaning a double dose. Yes, well I had no plans to. In fact, I am only taking this cold junk this morning, if I really need to take it this afternoon I will, but I am not really into all kinds of pills and medications and junk.

I couldn't help but look: there are a large number of travel trailers advertised right now at some pretty good prices! $2500 for one that looks almost identical to the one I got for the trailer tenants. In great shape, too. It's axles have also been turned upside down - they do that to give it more clearance for dragging them off-road and not bottoming out on rocks or whatever - just like the other one is.

I wonder if this is the best time of year to buy these things since it is the end of the season? Well, I don't know, but I only have $740 saved up for a trailer so far. Gonna take a bit more than that to get a decent unit, I was figuring between $2500 and $3000, probably not far off on that guesstimate. Looking at late 80's/early 90's units that are pretty much going in that price range. Well, just gets me to wanting to save even more. I just hope that early next year, providing I have that kind of money saved up by then, there are some decent units available. Savings mostly depends on whether I have rooms filled with tenants. No tenants, definitely no savings.

It isn't such a big deal to have to deal with a tenant here and there leaving and having to find a new one, it is a really big ordeal to have to find 3 of them in a very short time period and in this case, find 3 of them, get rid of 1 of them and then have to find another to take that person's place.

Well I am done with this. The pills have helped the headache discomfort come down considerably plus stopped the running nose junk and helped with the coughing, so, money well-spent as far as I'm concerned.



Saturday 10/1/2011

I would like to know what, exactly, is going through a person's head when they are clanking around, making all kinds of noise on a Saturday morning? OH, the woman. She is getting ready to leave. Bye-bye, please don't let the gate hit you in the @$$ on your way out.

Actually, it was Mark, one of the trailer tenants, that got me going this morning. He came in here at 6 something AM, went to the bathroom door and pounded on it LOUDLY. He came back out, explaining that he was trying to wake her up and get her moving. Oh, and what about everyone ELSE in the house? What kind of thinking goes on in a person's mind to do something like that? If they are awake, so should everyone else? But, Mark definitely does NOT like that woman, either. She comes banging on their door relentlessly. They won't, apparently, be as blunt as I have been with her and ask her to please leave them alone. Oh well. She will be out of here soon enough. I haven't heard back from the guy that wanted that room on the 15th, so I have already posted a fresh ad today. It's the first, people will be looking for rooms, if I get lucky, maybe I can re-rent it quickly.

I have determined that is a complete waste of money and I will not be using it again. I paid for a month subscription to it. I get all of these "you have a new match" emails, but the people don't contact me and when I contact them, I don't hear anything back. Craigslist is free, albeit a lot of flakes, I am sure there are a lot flakes on ANY venue you are trying to rent your rooms through, so whatever. I've got 2, decent guys in here right now that don't seem to want anything to do with anyone else in the house - which is fine by me if that's the way they want it.

Whatever. I am still sick and as grumpy as I was yesterday. It's cause my head is still pounding and I'm not liking it, at all. I don't have any Tylenol in the house, just ibuprofen which isn't really doing much for the headache. I will be heading to Walgreens in a few to get some. I will spend the weekend resting as I don't have much energy to do anything else, anyway and I don't want to go into next work week feeling like THIS if I can at all help it.

I wanted to start on some serious yard work this weekend, but illness has put that little idea aside.

And with that, well, it's almost 8:00 AM. Walgreens opens at 8 and allegedly, the woman is moving out around that time. I have no desire to be in here, the kitchen area, AT ALL while she is moving out. I will go to my room with the dogs, watch TV, sleep and be done with this nonsense.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...