Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday 10/2/2011

I woke up last night around 11:30pm. My head was pounding, it was such an intense pressure that half of my head was in some serious pain. I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't sleep and eventually got up, wondering if I should be heading to an emergency room. I took 2 of the cold medicine pills I bought yesterday and eventually the pain subsided, though didn't go away entirely. I deduced that it was probably sinuses, though I have never in my life felt anything like THAT coming from sinuses. I came out here - my kitchen - and of course JD was out here on my old computer. Said hi to him - coughing and hacking away and then proceeded to get on my computer and check open hours for Urgent Care.

Not until 8:00 am. Gag. I decided after a while that I would try to go back to bed and just wait it out. I slept - on and off - and finally just decided to get out of bed at 6:00 am. At around 7:00 am, the yodels across the street started making a LOT of noise. They want to tear down that house, fine, I don't care, but NOT on a Sunday morning. I seriously doubted they had gone down to the City offices and got a demo permit, I further doubted that they had the special permission you have to get to do it on a weekend.

Well, city is closed on weekends, the only alternative was to call the police, which I did. They came out in short order and stopped all of that nonsense. IF they would have waited until later in the day - like this afternoon or even lat morning - I wouldn't have cared. But 7:00 am, Sunday? Forget it. When I had my house torn down, I went through all the permit junk to make sure no-one would be stopping us in the middle of it with a complaint - that's the way this neighborhood is. I wouldn't have done it on a Sunday, though, anyway. It's the kind of people who don't give a damn about anyone else but themselves that irritate me when it comes to neighbors.

After the police showed up, I saw that guy out there, throwing his hands and fists towards my house, obviously intoning to the officer that he knew who had called. Couldn't have cared less. The city has regulations and especially when it comes to construction, they are dead serious about it. They send out inspectors during any building process, sometimes they also send them out during the razing process. They want their fees paid, that's what it all boils down to. But, of course, when building a new house, they want city code to be followed to the T and they will stop construction and make you do things all over again if it's not to their liking.

In reality, I could make a lot more trouble for that guy - that's the guy who told Mark that he was going to have me killed if any of his cats disappeared. That's what set me off and I will never let go of it. The guy wouldn't say that s*** to my face, he instead said: "if something happens to my cats, something is going to happen to you". That is also when I called the police for the threats. The police could not, of course, do anything but go over there and give him the riot act. The point - after he said those things, he set off within me something that he should not have. I am not going to have my life threatened by an ex-con/idiot.

I continue to forget to put bait in the cat trap. One of these nights I will remember and when I do, almost guaranteed that guy's orange Calico is going to be in it. That cat comes onto my property EVERY single night. Trampling my plants, sh****** and pissing everywhere. I already caught it once, but it got out when the trap opened while I was putting it into my car. I will not be killing the cat, not into that, just relocating it to a place far enough away.

Anyway, I left while the cop was still there. It was almost 8 and I wanted to be at the Urgent Care doorstep when it opened. I felt REALLY bad and sitting there in that doc's office was earthly hell. The doc said my blood pressure was a bit high on the bottom one at 120 over 90, I dunno, when I get sick, my blood pressure always goes up. Long story short on the doc's visit: cough syrup with codeine; antibiotics and some sort of steroids. I'm not sure I will be taking any of the cough syrup just because it has codeine in it and I don't want to get nailed with a drug test at work that shows positive with that codeine in my system. I have no idea how long it takes for that stuff to clear out before it won't show anything, but boy I sure would feel a bit better if I COULD take it!

Frankly, if I don't start feeling better by late afternoon, I will be calling in sick for work tomorrow. I am not going to torture myself attempting to go to work feeling like this.

Umm, nothing else really. Just trying to get that room re-rented. Have some prospects but nothing concrete yet. I am too weak to do anything today. I walk around and start thinking about getting something done and bammm, that's it, time to go sit down.



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