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There isn't any time like the present to start thinking about getting some mountain property.
It's been running through my mind for quite some time now. The area where my mother and brother's property would be a nice place to find a vacant stretch of land that might be for sale on payments. Well, a nice cabin would be great - but that's out of the question for now. There are properties near my mom's place up there that are vacant, though not necessarily for sale. I dunno if they are or not, there are no signs up, that's for sure. \

I don't just want to find "any" property. The area where my mother and my brother are at are very nice areas. They are 8 miles apart from each other. If I wanted to buy a property in the mountains, which I do, it is going to be in a forested section with tall pine trees, not in some foothills below the REAL mountains. Those lots are being sold cheap and have been forever. It's high desert, really, it'…

The Police

I wasn't feeling good - I really should have called in sick to work today - after I got back from getting everything done and asked to leave a little early. If you were to see me right now, you could look at me and easily tell I am not only not faking, but don't look very well, either.

My manager said yes, but please stop at the bank on the way home and make a deposit. No problem. So, I pull into my driveway - completely minding my own business, my only thought of getting into the house, sitting down in my extremely comfortable computer chair, kick back and get on the internet, then go take a nap. I hear something being yelled at me from down the street. I ignore it, I know who it is and I don't feel like getting into it with this guy.

He continues - a lot of cuss words, we'll put it that way. I let one roll out back at him, but decided that it was stupid to lower myself to his level, so I just went through the gate, meanwhile he continues on. I stopped. I look…

Monday 10/3/2011

Somehow, I knew I should have called in sick yesterday evening when I was debating internally whether to do so or not.
I am actually feeling better, those steroids have opened everything up and I am breathing easier. No extreme head pain last night, either.
But it would have been good to get another day of rest.
Oh well. I actually hope there is something to do, because if not, sitting around sick all day long isn't going to be too much fun.

On another note, I have a word to the world around Israel: Don't mess with Israel.
Just thought I'd throw that in there. It isn't because they're big and bad, it's because of the relationship with God - the real God that is - that exists. Mess with man all you want, but messing with the Almighty is another situation entirely. Who knows what may happen in that region.

Peace. That's all one can say about it. The woman is gone. The dude that came over, I was informed after he left, apparently wanted to kick my @$…