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If..... were to ponder the issues of life long enough, one would start getting one's self depressed. Or so I imagine. Instead, I tend to linger on the goals I have set for myself.......and the Lord.

So my current goal, which is probably going to take a while to realize, is to get another travel trailer. I know, I have already discussed this a bit on this blog. Oh well. It's on my mind is all I can say.

The only thing that would really set this off is another recession. The talk about another recession in 2012 is growing and and growing amongst the so-called experts. Are they really experts? I dunno, but they are out there, they are in the news and they are talking. A recession would mean that any savings I have would be clung to like glue on paper.

If you listen to the experts that are really on the extreme end of things, you'd better prepare yourself to fend for yourself. Food will be extremely expensive and not that much of it around. People will be …

Tuesday 10/4/2011

Gag, it's only Tuesday. I need another weekend to get here to rest and recover.
Pipe dream at this point, especially considering today's workload is going to be incredibly intense.
Last night, I set the trap and knew I would catch something. Sure enough, there is one sitting in it right now, waiting to be taken to a new home.
Wherever that is.
Meanwhile, the house they started tearing down across the street?
That work has been stopped since I called the police on Sunday.
I am guessing the REAL owner has to go down and apply for the permit, which would be the guy's mother. That guy goes around saying how he buys this, that and the other thing, when everyone knows he buys nothing, his mother is paying for his life.
At this point, they can finish the job, though I am guessing the city got involved yesterday since I also filed with them on Sunday and is demanding they get the proper permit, read: pay the fee, to be able to do the demo work on the property.

I woke u…