Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday 10/5/2011

I almost forgot an old credit card payment. The card was shut off a few years ago - allegedly at my request (it was not, but I no longer wanted the thing anyway, the real situation is the company apparently went bankrupt). This card has the worst fees of any card I have seen out there. I have been attempting to pay it down to zero for some time. Miss a payment by ten second? $40 fee. $7 fee per month to have the card, though that is cancelled since I can't use it any longer. I've got it down to the $300 range and fighting to get it down to zero. I say I almost forgot about it - if you want to pay that card online, better get to it 2 days before the payment is due, cause' if you try to pay it the day before or the day it is due online? It won't post until the day after, stinging you with yet another $40 fee. I don't know what the interest rate is, but it must be astronomical considering the amount charged every month.

Well anyway. I was going to put the cat trap out last night. It started raining - really hard - last night but then it stopped. So, I was heading out to the car to get the trap and lo and behold, it started raining again. I didn't figure cats are too receptive to being out in the rain, I didn't want to waste a can of tuna fish, so, put it off til' tonight.

But I am gung-ho into this now. Just like when I moved on to this property some 8 years ago and there were approximately 25 cats living underneath my old house. I got rid of all of them - ben's relocation campaign. Didn't kill or harm a single one of them, they were are let loose at different locations - far from my house - they were gone, permanently. The county wants over $100 to turn in a feral cat. That's right, if you have a cat - or cats - living on your property that aren't yours and you don't want, they want to charge you around $100 to turn it in.

Fortunately, the Phoenix police department said I could catch all of them and "relocate" them as long as they don't have ID on them.

So that's that.

I am only beginning to start feeling slightly better. I wake up all night long - have been for about a week now - which makes me really tired at work. I get the work done, but around 1:00 pm - I am ready to go home even though it's an hour before quitting time.

I have been looking at travel trailers on Craigslist - NOW is the time to buy! Too bad I don't have the money now! There are some great deals out there. Nice units even IF older going pretty cheap. The only ones that don't interest me are the ads that say they replaced "everything but the refrigerator, which needs replaced". If you have any idea how much a travel trailer type of refrigerator costs that works on propane, electric and DC? You get the idea.

Anyway, time to be off to work.


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