Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday 10/6/2011

It dawned on me this morning that 350lb man is going to try and have a 2 story house built directly across the street from me. If he were inclined to do that, it would mean completely blocking out my view of Camelback mountain, amongst other things. Not to mention the idea of him sitting up there, snooping on everyone. That's what got me going this morning, the thought of this guy being able to look down into other people's yards, including mine. This also includes the idea that my neighbor says he has listening and viewing devices he is already using to snoop on people.

I really do NOT want this "person" living directly across the street from me. Anyway, if a "zoning variance" sign shows up at the end of the street,I will be at that meeting, with pictures. I have lived here 8 years, it is zoned a single level community, there is no good reason to allow a giant box to be built that will stand out. We already HAVE one of those and it is butt-ugly.

Regardless, I didn't know that the first feline that I would catch would happen to be, apparently, his. It wouldn't shock me that if I try to catch a second one, it will also be his. That one - the second one I want - is the most destructive friggin' thing ever.

Besides this man threatening to have me killed, I will never forget his and my other neighbor's reaction when I confronted them on their cats coming onto my yard. They just shrugged their shoulders, they couldn't have cared less. They made no bones about the fact that their cats are running around at night, doing whatever they are doing and that I should just "shoo" them off my property. Yeah. I just have all night long to sit around and shoo cats away. THAT was a brilliant idea whose demise was immediate. I stood there, incredulous at their brazen attitudes about it. It was MY problem, apparently, I would have to figure out how to deal with it.

Yes, and indeed I have. I asked them at the time how they would feel if I brought my Great Danes over to s*** on their driveway. Of course they wouldn't like that, but it didn't phase them one bit.

Antibiotics and I don't really get along that well. They do their job, yes, but they also mess with my guts. Get a nice stoppage going for 3 or 4 days and see how that feels, lol. Thursday - 2 more work days and I can take another weekend off from doing anything. Which sucks because the weather has finally cooled and it's time to get out there and get the stuff done around the house with the landscaping that needs to be done. Oh well. I'll take getting better over that any day, though I actually enjoy that kind of work - as long as it isn't 225 degrees outside and my flesh isn't peeling off for the heat.

Heavy workload at work today. I already know, the system was full of stuff to do yesterday when I was leaving work. Not really into it today, but there is nothing I can do about it. My coughing, at least, has slowed down quite a lot and I am definitely come out of this - but certainly far from 100%.



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