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Friday 10/7/2011

I walked out the back door yesterday morning, along side the property bidding my adioses to my dogs as I was walking towards the gate. They kinda follow me the whole way. Went through the gate, was opening my car when who shows up. The neighbor with the "lost" cat. It was 5:30am, I was in NO mood to listen to him mouthing off.

"What'd you do with my cat?" I didn't answer him, instead told him to bug off. "Where's my cat?" Again, told him to piss off. He has been on my bad side ever since he threatened to have me killed and I will not speak to him in any sense of the word "conversation". I will tell him exactly how I feel about him; I will tell him to leave me alone. I will tell him if he doesn't leave me alone, I am going to call the police, but I am NOT getting into any kind of discussion with him.

I got into my car and he flipped me the birdie. It was surprising to see him out there that early, even more so that he …