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Saturday 10/8/2011

Well, I couldn't resist. I went out there this morning and started in on all of it. 2 of the grass plants that were overgrown - I cut well back and down. I need to "groom" them to make them look a little better, but it isn't the mess that it was. I also started in on the area where the cats have basically killed off 2/3rd's of my ground covering plants. Pretty much a pain, to be honest. The dead plants and the live portions are all on the same - system I guess you call it - separating them wasn't any easy task.

I got about 2/3rd's of that done and then called it quits. Ran out of energy is mainly the reason why. The 350 pound man wasn't out there but the meth head was. I kept to myself, minding my own business and enjoying the cool weather. If he were to start in on me again, I figured, I would call the police. This time, daddy would be home when they would go down there pounding on his door and daddy wouldn't be too happy about that, a…