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Church today was a bit more than I expected.
The Lord has been speaking to my inner man for 2 weeks about a certain thing and the sermon? Was the exact same thing that has been running through my head.
I suppose I shouldn't be shocked that the Lord would confirm His message to me through an entire sermon that was geared that way - I haven't been to church since 3 Sundays ago.

I went up front after the message was delivered because the offer to come up front was worded - the way that I had pretty-much heard it worded when the Lord was speaking earlier this week - or before I even went to church today, for that matter. . After we prayed, talked for a second, hugged (yes, Christians still hug each other regardless of genders or whether it's the same gender hugging, there is absolutely nothing sexual or sensual about it, thank you), I was walked back to my seat, actually I was ready to leave. The pastor called me back up and asked if we could go to lunch together here a…

Sunday 10/9/2011

Well, I am planning on going to church this morning. Guess I better get busy about that pretty soon, cause' it's 10 after 9 and church starts in 50 minutes. Fortunately, church is less than 10 minute drive away. I don't really feel like going, but that's true at least half of the time I am headed there anyway, so nothing new.

So, church this morning and then this afternoon probably at least a little time spent outside fooling with landscaping issues.

I continue to torture myself by looking at all the nice Travel Trailers for sale. Lol.

I wonder, though, if by the time 2012 gets here and I potentially have the money saved up to by one, if I won't just let that savings sit there. I am curious about these ever-increasing predictions that we are going to fall into another recession coming 2012.

It might be prudent to go into such with some kind of savings versus having spent it all on a trailer that - I want but definitely do not NEED.

Gotta start getting re…