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The 350 Pound Man

...............was standing outside, in front of his house again this morning. I didn't even notice him until I felt the eyes on me. It's one of those involuntary things where you don't even know what's happening, you just start looking around. There he was, standing in front of his house, arms folded, glaring at me. I did not have time for his games nor did I want to partake, I got in my car and left for work. When I am out the door and getting into my car to leave for work, it's a time factor, I have to leave and I have to leave now, not 10 minutes after some sort of verbal altercation that I don't want to get into, anyway.

Later, I was speaking with Lynnette on the phone. Mark had come out of my house after taking a shower through the back door, looked up and saw him standing there. He was in my other neighbor's back yard at the part where the ground is elevated so high that you can stand on it and look over the 6 foot fence. He was peeking into …

Monday 10/10/2011

Well that was interesting.
I get a lot of "I haven't even seen the guy yet" on the newest 2 tenants. One comes and goes - the other finally spent a night here last night. In fact, none of the newest round is here much. When they are, you hardly see them. Were that all tenants that I found were this way!

A Airstream Argosy, 1979 vintage. People are still in love with those old Airstreams, I have always liked them as well. I had posted yet another ad to buy a trailer on payments to see if there might be any interest. Most people are not going to get into that kind of situation with a complete stranger and understandably so.

The guy contacts me and says it's in great shape - except - the AC is broken and the bathtub is broken, both need to be replaced. Well at the right price, a person could replace that stuff and come out pretty well. I didn't figure the price was right, though. He claims it's a "steal" at $1,700.00 - I thought differe…