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The 38 foot motor home fell through. Guy changed his mind on financing.
I now have leads on several other units, including a 34 foot 5th wheel - 80's vintage and a 1998 5th wheel, 34 footer.
The 1998 is a nice looking unit on the outside with 2 slide outs. On the inside? Trashed. Described as smells like dogs; needs new couch and bed mattress; carpet will have to be replaced. No guarantees on the appliances. From the pictures, been sitting out in a field Guessing someone lived in it - well that's not really a guess, the only way something that nice that isn't too old gets that trashed out on the interior is when someone who doesn't give a damn is living in it. I'll take it a step further and guess a homeless person occupied it. I offered half of what he is asking. It will need a lot of work in just cleaning it up.

The pics show - some substance on the floor. I can't tell what it is, but after the description said it smells like dogs, I would guess i…

Tuesday 10/11/2011

I can't imagine what may be waiting for me out there when I leave to go to work this morning.........
So, Japan is going to give away 10,000 tickets to fly there and visit.
Ummm, I would go in a heartbeat if I could win one of those tickets. Just don't go anywhere near that damaged nuclear plant. I have internet friends over there that could at least tell me the good places to go. If they do give away those tickets, I will be applying.

Burglars shoot a 1 year old baby in the head. I heard that on the news yesterday and about puked. They broke into the house, went to the baby's room and shot the baby. I don't get it. I do get there is a special place, reserved in Hell, for people that do such things, that's IMO anyway.

The pirates are back in the news. Some sort of chemical tanker and not much more information given. I sorta like the outcome when one of the world's navies steps in and - takes them out.

Found a 34 foot 5th wheel travel trailer for $2,0…