Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 38 foot motor home fell through. Guy changed his mind on financing.
I now have leads on several other units, including a 34 foot 5th wheel - 80's vintage and a 1998 5th wheel, 34 footer.
The 1998 is a nice looking unit on the outside with 2 slide outs. On the inside? Trashed. Described as smells like dogs; needs new couch and bed mattress; carpet will have to be replaced. No guarantees on the appliances. From the pictures, been sitting out in a field Guessing someone lived in it - well that's not really a guess, the only way something that nice that isn't too old gets that trashed out on the interior is when someone who doesn't give a damn is living in it. I'll take it a step further and guess a homeless person occupied it. I offered half of what he is asking. It will need a lot of work in just cleaning it up.

The pics show - some substance on the floor. I can't tell what it is, but after the description said it smells like dogs, I would guess it's dog crap. For 2 grand, it would be a steal. I would have all winter with Mark - who would work on it just for something to do - to clean it up and help fix it up.

Why would I want something like that? Because, the unit is much newer. Everything that you don't sit, sleep or stand on looks in very good condition. It obviously has oak cabinetry - and it looks good. The seating? Filthy - trashed. They didn't even show the couch which was described as something that would have to be replaced. Again, whatever was stood upon, sat upon or slept upon is history. This is what leads me to believe a homeless person. That or a terribly messy, filthy person. At 2k it would be a steal. Others will be interested in it - maybe, but my only offer is 2k. Whatever the case, that person is not going to get 4k out of that unit just because of the interior condition, regardless of how new it is.

Another, much older 34 footer also available. Very nice condition for a 79 unit. There are a lot of units in there, but, there are only a few that are catching my eye.

Well anyway. Herman Cain. Lol. 9-9-9. If there is one reason why this guy won't win the presidency, it's because of his 9-9-9 answer to the chaos we now call the federal budget. I happen to agree it's a great idea. He won't win because it makes a lot of people who pay nothing in income taxes now have to ante up. Like almost half of Americans - pay nothing. Nada. Zilch. At least that's what the news media has been saying for quite a while now on numerous different sources, I'll take their word for it on this one. 9 percent national sales tax; 9% personal flat tax and 9% business flat tax.

What I like is the idea of a fair system. And right now? It's far from fair. If you're talking 18% of my income going to taxes, I'll take it. FAR better than what I am paying now. I am not a one-issue person, but I am definitely taking notice of this guy's ideas. I also sorta like Ron Paul - though I don't feel very comfortable with his ideas on foreign policy. Yes, let's stay out of wasteful wars that we need not be engaging in, but I think he wants to take that too far. I don't like Romney for personal reasons I won't go into. Perry is starting to look a bit less favorable than he did at first. Perhaps Cain will too, once the media rips into him and exposes everything - whatever that may be./

Okay, then, just talked myself out of most of the candidates wanting the GOP nomination. No problem, I'll vote for who convinces me - I will no longer vote for who I think only has the chance to win - and that will be that.

Day is over.



Tuesday 10/11/2011

I can't imagine what may be waiting for me out there when I leave to go to work this morning.........
So, Japan is going to give away 10,000 tickets to fly there and visit.
Ummm, I would go in a heartbeat if I could win one of those tickets. Just don't go anywhere near that damaged nuclear plant. I have internet friends over there that could at least tell me the good places to go. If they do give away those tickets, I will be applying.

Burglars shoot a 1 year old baby in the head. I heard that on the news yesterday and about puked. They broke into the house, went to the baby's room and shot the baby. I don't get it. I do get there is a special place, reserved in Hell, for people that do such things, that's IMO anyway.

The pirates are back in the news. Some sort of chemical tanker and not much more information given. I sorta like the outcome when one of the world's navies steps in and - takes them out.

Found a 34 foot 5th wheel travel trailer for $2,000. If everything works, that's a good deal. I would love to get my hands on that 38 foot Chevy Mallard Class A Rec V, but that guy wants more money for it and I don't have the down payment he wants for it. I would offer the 5th wheel owner $1,500 which I can come up with now - well after my bonus arrives - park it in my driveway and potentially have the trailer tenants help me clean it out and get it ready for summer visits.

Umm, my savings account for this thing is up to $900 - plus bonus, I'm getting close to a deal at this point,much sooner than I thought I would but there are people out there selling these things cheap. Some ads are saying this is the time of year to go camping with these things, no, it is not. It's summertime when everyone leaves town. What the time of year it is has been that way for 3 plus years now: a bad economy and people selling off stuff to be able to float finanicially.

Anyway, my time's up.



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