Wednesday, October 12, 2011

That's all I can say.
The 2 neighborhood morons - the 350 man and the 37 year old meth head - who have been starting trouble with me for about 2 plus years now?
They went at it today against each other. I missed the fun, I was at work.
Mark said they were yelling so loudly that he heard them in the trailer and came out to find out what was going on.
Well, the meth head was yelling at 350 man to "pay me for all the work I've done over here".
They were, apparently just short of fisticuffs.
Ohhh, to be there, in my front yard, which the little devils going at it with each other.
Mark said they were REALLY going at it.

Well, whatever. The 350 man has no money of his own, he gets it from his mother. I am assuming she gives him a monthly allotment. Or maybe he's just cheap. I wouldn't know, I don't work for him and never will.

I did drive by today in the company pickup. It is a brand new truck and it is not marked with the company name on it. I wanted to see what's going on in this neighborhood, lately, while I am at work. 350 pound man was sitting out in front of his house, he looked at the truck but didn't recognize it. I just drove on by, my house too, I wasn't going to stop. Apparently sme level of recognition hit him after I was well past him, lol.

My search for an RV/trailer is going south quickly. The only thing I can say about it is I have plenty of time. Summer is hardly OVER much less right over the horizon. I don't NEED one right this second. The 2 I saw several days ago would have been gold to get, but I don't have that much money and those were the ones that really got my attention.

What I am finding now is either old junk or newer and too expensive or in the right "era" for age but they want too much money. People are not inclined to pay more than they think a thing is worth, I suspect several of those things are going to come down. There is still the Airstream available - but I think they want too much considering the AC needs replaced and the bathtub as well.

"I could care less". Indeed. This coming from an assistant manager at a QT.
Attitude, the man exuded the type of arrogance you would never want to find at a convenience store that has the level of standards QT has. Long story. Today, I was in there, the store's manager followed me out the door. I'm guessing the man that said those word's fate not too good in a company like that.

Not that I wanted to get him fired, just an nice attitudinal adjustment, not to mention being appreciative of haivng a job when there are so many that would love to take his place.



Wednesday 10/12/2011

Iran Terror Plot Act Of War?...............
reads the headline. Perhaps it is an act of war, however, certain elements in Iran would love nothing but to get into a war with the US and Israel. I don't exactly know why they would want to engage in such, but to get into a war with Iran right now? This isn't enough to start it, at least from my perspective. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to air strikes to take out their nuclear ambitions - but that would start a war regardless, not exactly sure WHAT Iran would do, though.
I don't really bid the woman that is suing Continental because of turbulence that caused her post traumatic stress syndrome any luck, whatsoever, with her lawsuit. Turbulence is a part of flying, if you can't handle it - don't fly. I remember the worst turbulence I have ever experienced. It was in 1974 in a 747, flight from Pittsburgh to here (Phoenix). We were all buckled in because we had already hit turbulence. The plane dropped, according to the crew, several thousand feet almost all at once. Wanna talk about your stomach in your mouth. The woman claims she now has a fear of flying. Whatever. If turbulence causes you to fear flying, again, it might be a good idea to stay off of airplanes.

It just amazes me the things people sue for - and then get millions of dollars in compensation.

One person's idea of "TLC" or "Fixer Upper" in relating to a travel trailer and mine are apparently 2 completely different things. When I think of fixer upper, I think replace carpet/flooring. Probably upholstery needs replacing. Mattress is a goner. The couch might be trashed. Others apparently think that a 25-30 year old travel trailer that has a lot of damage to the ceiling from water leaks; siding on the exterior that is separated from the trailer; interior wall panels that are so water damaged they are dry rotted; flooring that has holes in it is some kind of "project trailer". I look at something like that and call it junk - WAY too much work to restore it. They usually throw in the refrigerator or AC - or both - doesn't/don't work. When you add up the tab to fix something like that, not to mention the time, you are talking thousands of dollars.

Even if they GIVE the thing to you, the work, time and money involved in getting something like that up to par is not worth it. Especially the work fixing a leaking roof.

So, the first thing I look at when looking at a trailer to buy is the ceiling inside of thing. Water damage is easy to spot. Wall panels, too. I can see replacing SOME of that stuff if it the damage isn't too bad, but not half the trailer. I want to see the AC and the fridge working. If I can't, the price - or at least my offer - on that unit just went down. Way down. I'm not real big on units that have been lived in, either. Most people abuse them, not gently use them when living in them. The newer one I found on CL last night is case in point. Obviously, someone was living in that thing and definitely, they trashed it.

Anyway, I am supposed to go look at one today, but I am not sure it's worth the drive down there. They actually gave a walk through video of it - they are desperate to sell, they claim their aunt's electricity is going to be turned off and they really need the money - but, I am not so sure from what I saw. For the money, I could do better. The carpeting needs to be replaced, the couch is already gone in it - meaning having to get another one. Most of the time, pictures make a unit look much better than the condition it is really in.

Well, my time's up, time to go to work.



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