Thursday, October 13, 2011

5th Wheel Travel Trailer

"27' fifthwheel trailer king of the roud ,new propane tank and hookups ,new figideair 10 gal. fridge, tailer is in great condition,new tires, title is good , stove is like new,full bathtub and shower pluss toilet tank jst cleaned, seprit from up stairs bedroom and down stairs livingroom, fold out couch, trailer sleeps four comfertaby ,sorry no pics but i can txt pics or jst come check it out"

If it was as good as they guy has been saying it is, I would have gone and bought it today. But, court and dealing with the 350 man took precedence.

If you read the ad, it says "seprit from up stairs bedroom and down stairs living rooms". It took me a while to figure out what that word meant. See Prit? Who is Prit? Seprit. I had no idea. I am looking at the word as it is spelled not sounding it out. I should have sounded it out: Se - pr - it
Separate. That one flew right over my head, not sorry to say. I am wondering if people are using their cell phone pads to write up these ads and therefore that's why so many errors.

Umm, time has really passed here and I don't have time to finish this.



The Justice Court

Mark calls me today in hysterics, literally. Obviously upset. I was at work and on a tight time frame, but if someone calls me from my house, it's gotta be an emergency because no-one calls me from there otherwise.

The 350 pound man, again. This time, Mark came home from the store on his bicycle. He said he drove straight into the driveway, got off his bike and went to open the gate. He had his earphones on playing music off of an MP3 player. It's a recurring theme around here: feeling eyes on you. He felt eyes and turned around, shocked to see that guy standing IN my driveway, RIGHT behind Mark. This guy is 20 feet into my property. Mark didn't want to hear whatever he had to say, he started yelling at 350 pound man: get the f*** out of here, get off the property, get out of here, leave, now!!

That was it. This guy is willing to come right onto my property now? NO. When I left work, I came straight home, got on the computer, found his full name and birth date through not that much searching, went back out, got into my car and headed straight to the Justice Court building in downtown Phoenix.

The reason I haven't done this sooner? Takes hours. Wait in line, get the paperwork, go sit down at a table and then start filling it all out. Give the reasons why the court should grant the injunction. Go back to the counter, wait endlessly, give them the paperwork. They hand it back to you: you didn't fill in those blanks. Yes, that's because I don't know the answers to those questions that are concerning him, thank you. Fill one or the other in anyway. Fill it in within 10 seconds, the guy walks off. 10 minutes later, someone finally comes back. Okay, you can go take a seat - again. This goes on for an hour and a half. Finally: go to court room 100.

I got to court room 100. The clerk says there isn't any injunction cases pending. Yes, ma'am, that's because they JUST finished the paperwork and will undoubtedly be bringing it in here. "Well, there's a hearing schedule at 3:30 that is about to begin". It's 3:45 when she tells me that. Gag. The judge shows up, 2 women are called up to the front and sit down at the tables. Neither speaks English. Wait for interpreters. How can you live your whole life in America and not learn the language of the land?

But, that's the way these people are, they do not want to integrate with our society, they want to turn our society into Northern Mexico. I sit there and listen to these ladies not do a very good job on either side of persuading the judge. How does the judge figure THIS one out? After an hour, it's over and my case is finally en-queue. He says pardon me, Mr. BenB, I will be back in just 2 minutes. Oh? Well, I replied, I need to go to the bathroom if that is okay, I'll be right back as well. He replies: "yes, that is where I am headed".

I did not have to go into 3 plus years of explanations to him, I just gave him the worst occasions. He didn't hesitate to give me the injunction. I already knew 350 man can come back and attempt to get it dropped. No biggies. If he tries, I will be there, trust me, I will be there. Back out to the front counter to wait again. I am finally handed my paperwork.

Oh, I didn't even mention the metal detectors. Now this court is requiring everyone to remove their belts to put through the scanner or x-ray or whatever it is they are looking at. My pants immediately start falling down - I have been losing more weight recently. I get through the detector without it even going off.

I stand there for several minutes while they are looking through the machine at the view it is giving them of my stuff. What could possibly be so interesting? When it comes out, they hand it to me and I'm about to put it back into my pockets when another man comes along and starts digging through it. ??? Whatever.

I leave, come home, immediately call Crime Stop, that's the non-911 number. They say yes, an officer will be dispatched after any emergency calls are all done first. Understandable, I reply and thank them and hang up. It was 10 minutes later and 2 cars show up. They go over there. 350 man must have an inkling that something isn't quite right in Denmark, he has drawn all his shades and you can't see in the house. The police bang on the door, the windows, walk around to the other side. They are over there for several minutes, but come back with paperwork in hand.

"Is there a car over there in the driveway?" I ask. Yes. He's home. Nothing they can do about it. They tell me to call when I see him outside. Well, he's opened the shades now that they are gone. No worries, the man cannot stay inside forever. It isn't in his DNA to not go around and start trouble with someone in the neighborhood.

.......and then he closed them, now he's opened them yet again. Geeze.

Whatever. I probably won't do this tonight. If nothing else, this weekend will work.

Thursday 10/13/2011

I paid off one of my 401k loans yesterday. It was down to $202. I decided that if something happens in 2012 - whatever that something maybe - but all these so-called experts saying another recession is coming - then I want access to my money. Not that I want to spend retirement money, but if it's going to disappear anyway, I'd rather have the opportunity to spend it. Of course you have to pay it back...........with It takes 30 days before you can get another loan. The other one is down to something like $700, so not so far off on that one, either.

One manager at work wanted to get a third loan but it is not possible. Then he wanted to simply get cash out of it and take the penalty - apparently the IRS or my company or both make that very difficult and you have to have extremely extenuating circumstances for them to give it to you. With 2 incomes, I wondered how they (he and his wife) could be stressing out so badly with finances.

Well, at work I can say one thing that has changed for the better: I am getting about 5 extra hours per week as of lates, like going on for almost 2 months now. That just means I'm back up to a 40 hour work week on the weeks that there is that much work going on. In reality, there is one customer that is always calling late in the day wanting material right now. We pretty much cater to this customer since they are helping build the new Intel plant and since the contract is worth, over the next several years, millions of dollars with good GP. Still, it irritates management to no end that this guy is always calling late and demanding material like..........RIGHT NOW. And if we don't get it to him right now, he always threatens to take his business elsewhere.

As for the home front, for now anyway, all 3, new, tenants seem happy with the setup. If they aren't they aren't telling me because I ask. Are there any problems. Is there too much noise, etc etc etc. The only complaint is on the weekends when the people across the street are firing up those Harleys at 2 am and cranking on the throttles. I'm sure certain neighbors are a bit peeved right NOW because there is a truck out there pulling the container off of the street for the house that was torn down.

THAT should prove interesting. The 2 "best buddies" who like to try and give me heck are now at each other's throats. Keep a meth head from his money and see what kind of chaos ensues, lol. From what Mark said, those 2 were actually comparing their criminal records when yelling at each other yesterday. I would like to coin a new phrase: Morbid Stupidity. Well I don't know if it's new, but I've never heard it before yet it seems to fit these 2 individuals quite nicely. Let them fight with each other, I'll just blend into the trees.

My quest to find an RV continues. One is listed in there that looks really nice - has been stored INSIDE a garage. They want more money than I have for one, but let time perhaps change that. Many of these listings stay up at a high price and then eventually they start bringing it down. It has a busted AC unit, that should knock a grand off the price right there. Although I really want a 5th wheel, a motorhome would work better since I have no way of pulling a 5th wheel. Not that it's going anywhere once I get it up there, but still, the option to be able to fire the thing up and drive it wherever would be nice.

They are still wanting me to come down to AZ city and take a look at the 34 footer they have for sale. Apparently no one is biting on it. I am not so sure about it, either and don't want to drive 120 miles round trip to find out I don't really want the thing.

Well, almost time to leave. See if the 350 pound man is out there glaring at me this morning.



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