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5th Wheel Travel Trailer

"27' fifthwheel trailer king of the roud ,new propane tank and hookups ,new figideair 10 gal. fridge, tailer is in great condition,new tires, title is good , stove is like new,full bathtub and shower pluss toilet tank jst cleaned, seprit from up stairs bedroom and down stairs livingroom, fold out couch, trailer sleeps four comfertaby ,sorry no pics but i can txt pics or jst come check it out"

If it was as good as they guy has been saying it is, I would have gone and bought it today. But, court and dealing with the 350 man took precedence.

If you read the ad, it says "seprit from up stairs bedroom and down stairs living rooms". It took me a while to figure out what that word meant. See Prit? Who is Prit? Seprit. I had no idea. I am looking at the word as it is spelled not sounding it out. I should have sounded it out: Se - pr - it
Separate. That one flew right over my head, not sorry to say. I am wondering if people are using their cell phone pads to…

The Justice Court

Mark calls me today in hysterics, literally. Obviously upset. I was at work and on a tight time frame, but if someone calls me from my house, it's gotta be an emergency because no-one calls me from there otherwise.

The 350 pound man, again. This time, Mark came home from the store on his bicycle. He said he drove straight into the driveway, got off his bike and went to open the gate. He had his earphones on playing music off of an MP3 player. It's a recurring theme around here: feeling eyes on you. He felt eyes and turned around, shocked to see that guy standing IN my driveway, RIGHT behind Mark. This guy is 20 feet into my property. Mark didn't want to hear whatever he had to say, he started yelling at 350 pound man: get the f*** out of here, get off the property, get out of here, leave, now!!

That was it. This guy is willing to come right onto my property now? NO. When I left work, I came straight home, got on the computer, found his full name and birth date…

Thursday 10/13/2011

I paid off one of my 401k loans yesterday. It was down to $202. I decided that if something happens in 2012 - whatever that something maybe - but all these so-called experts saying another recession is coming - then I want access to my money. Not that I want to spend retirement money, but if it's going to disappear anyway, I'd rather have the opportunity to spend it. Of course you have to pay it back...........with It takes 30 days before you can get another loan. The other one is down to something like $700, so not so far off on that one, either.

One manager at work wanted to get a third loan but it is not possible. Then he wanted to simply get cash out of it and take the penalty - apparently the IRS or my company or both make that very difficult and you have to have extremely extenuating circumstances for them to give it to you. With 2 incomes, I wondered how they (he and his wife) could be stressing out so badly with finances.

Well, at work I …