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Friday 10/14/2011

I called the police again last night to come serve the papers to the 350 man. He was out on "his" new property with his mother. The police came zooming up with all lights off, apparently attempting to get to him before he could get into the house. But, he was with his mother, what was he going to do? At this point, however, they had already walked back to the house - the police approached the house and out comes 350 man.

They start talking to him, hand him the papers, he reads 2 sentences of it (like scanning it) and then starts laughing. I have no idea what he was filling those police officer's ears with - and I couldn't care less. It went on for about 10 minutes - him yapping away. I would venture to guess that he had to put up an act in front of his mother, who is paying this "man's" way through life.

The police came back, handed me the rest of the paperwork that was left over -for me to show to police if something happens again, and that w…