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Saturday 10/15/2011

So, let the wars begin.
The thought that came to mind when I thought about whether having people living in an RV on the side of my house is legal or not entered my mind when all of this crap with the 350 man started. Because it came to me so strongly, I figured it would be reported and then we would find out. So, I received notice today that the City is going to come out in the next 10 days and do an inspection. I have no feelings about it either way.
It would actually suck to have to see them go, but if that's what the City says, there will be nothing I can do about it. I am not going to be taken to court by the City of Phoenix and have civil or even criminal sanctions imposed on me if it comes to having to make them move.

I do not have an available bedroom right now for them to move into, either. That would be an easy fix to this situation if, indeed, them living in there is a violation. My only offer to them was that I could have the trailer moved to an RV park somew…

Saturday 10/15/2011

I went and looked at the 5th wheel travel trailer yesterday.
Not too shabby. For the price, a good deal. The layout is, IMO, much better than the layout in the other one. The kitchen is in the rear and the couch is in the middle. It has AC, propane AND electric heat; propane and electric water heater (or so it appears, anyway); a brand new refrigerator; a very nice set up for the bathroom; the upholstery is still in good condition.

There are only really a few things "wrong" with it. First off, the guy pulled most of the wallpaper off, so that is all going to have to be replaced (or look at barren, wood walls). Second, the owner before him, apparently, tried to fix a leak in the roof. It does not appear that his fix job worked. I'm not really a big fan of roof leaks, but this one looks like an easy fix, so I am going to deal with that one myself. The carpet is in okay condition. Not trashed but definitely not perfect either - don't really ev…