Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday 10/15/2011

So, let the wars begin.
The thought that came to mind when I thought about whether having people living in an RV on the side of my house is legal or not entered my mind when all of this crap with the 350 man started. Because it came to me so strongly, I figured it would be reported and then we would find out. So, I received notice today that the City is going to come out in the next 10 days and do an inspection. I have no feelings about it either way.
It would actually suck to have to see them go, but if that's what the City says, there will be nothing I can do about it. I am not going to be taken to court by the City of Phoenix and have civil or even criminal sanctions imposed on me if it comes to having to make them move.

I do not have an available bedroom right now for them to move into, either. That would be an easy fix to this situation if, indeed, them living in there is a violation. My only offer to them was that I could have the trailer moved to an RV park somewhere - but they would be responsible for the lot rent. Lynnette said she couldn't afford lot rent and trailer rent. I responded that I would not charge them trailer rent. The trailer is fully self contained. It can be hooked up to sewer and have a garden hose hooked up to supply water. The Direct TV box could stay with the trailer and I would simply have to get another dish. This doesn't cost any more with Direct TV, either. You can have your boxes wherever you want them, frankly.

But, since 350 pound man wants to start this stuff - once that complaint is made, it cannot be retracted, the City WILL come out and do their inspection regardless - it was my turn. He has more violations on both of his properties than you can imagine. Weeds, dead grass, unfinished fence, outdoor storage to name a few. Those complaints about the 2 properties have been filed. He will be receiving his notice this coming week, that's all I can say about that.

Gut feeling: it's probably not legal without a variance or even a change in zoning, neither of which I am likely to be able to get. But who knows? The city was out here years ago when that family was living in that other trailer. They didn't say it wasn't legal, but that they had to have access to a bathroom/running water, which they did. I have no idea, I am not going to fret about it and that bridge will be crossed when we get to it.

Undoubtedly, if they do have to move, I will be inviting them back whenever one of the rooms becomes available. They come up with enough money every month to cover enough of the normal room rent to make me happy - that along with all the help around here and the peace of mind of having someone at the house all the time.

I bought the other trailer today. It will be moved over here tomorrow. If the City of Phoenix has an issue with having 2 trailers here, no matter. I only need it here long enough for Lynnette to put wallpaper in it. Then I can move it to Sun City on my mother's property. If the City does say they have to move out of that trailer, it won't happen in 2 days. They will probably give as much time as allowable to get them to finding a new place to live. Which also means enough time to do that project - I hope anyway.

I also spoke with my mom today about the trailer and moving it up there. I would like to get it up there this winter, but I don't think that's such a good idea. Mother wants the thing in a specific place and I don't want it put up there to find out it isn't where she wants it. She will want it moved if so, meaning spending more money to do so. She doesn't go up there, she informed me, usually until May. I've never really paid a lot of attention as to when, specifically, she goes. So, plenty of time to fix the thing up - if it can stay on the property - even if not, I have the thing and I don't have to continue to look for one anymore. Further, the guy that owned it gave me the number of a guy that will move it for $50, of which I already spoke to today. That's really cheap price to move a trailer. Well, I want to put up a fence to keep the dogs in - fine,but it has to be a specific kind. What about water usage? On and on. I wanted to run a sub-panel for electric. Not a happening event, lol. I told her it would be safer than running a cord above ground, but, whatever she wants, really.

I put an ad in Craigslist today in case that guy fell through. One guy wanted to charge me $300 to move it, lol. I don't think even a company owned business would charge me that much to move the freaking thing. Another $150. Close but still a bit steep. Another said he wanted me to call him, sorry, that wasn't my instructions in the ad: if replying, please include your price for moving the thing 27 miles.

Crazy. Well, life will definitely change dramatically around here if they are forced out. I will no longer be able to leave the house or the gates unlocked. Tenants will have to get used to locking and unlocking both. That would mean dead-bolting the back door. I would also have to consider buying another video surveillance system. Basically, unless a tenant is home - which they are at various times throughout the day - my house becomes a sitting duck target for thieves or whatever. Probably couldn't install a security/alarm system because tenants would be an issue with something like that.

Whatever. I do not and will not regret having the Injunction served against that freak of nature 350 man. I can cause him just as much problems as he can me. If he speaks one word to me, I will immediately call the cops. How long can the guy stay off the drug temptation, anyway? Good question. I just looked up his criminal record, his time spend in jail was for 1 class 2 felony and 3 class 6 felonies. The class 2 felony is the bad one. That one was possession of drugs - lots of it - with intent to sell. A person in his 40's that has no life; no job; doesn't volunteer anywhere; serves absolutely no useful purpose to society. Bored out of his mind. No friends. On and on. His own, chosen life style is undoubtedly eating away at him.

Well, whatever. This entry goeth long. More news will be forthcoming concerning Mark and Lynnette and their future here - whenever the City shows up and makes their determination.


Saturday 10/15/2011

I went and looked at the 5th wheel travel trailer yesterday.
Not too shabby. For the price, a good deal. The layout is, IMO, much better than the layout in the other one. The kitchen is in the rear and the couch is in the middle. It has AC, propane AND electric heat; propane and electric water heater (or so it appears, anyway); a brand new refrigerator; a very nice set up for the bathroom; the upholstery is still in good condition.

There are only really a few things "wrong" with it. First off, the guy pulled most of the wallpaper off, so that is all going to have to be replaced (or look at barren, wood walls). Second, the owner before him, apparently, tried to fix a leak in the roof. It does not appear that his fix job worked. I'm not really a big fan of roof leaks, but this one looks like an easy fix, so I am going to deal with that one myself. The carpet is in okay condition. Not trashed but definitely not perfect either - don't really ever expect to find perfect carpet anyway. If people think about it - well - the idea of putting throw rugs down on the travel areas of the carpet is the best remedy for the carpet itself to not get completely worn down.

So, unless this guy somehow sells it to someone else before I get over there this morning - I am going to buy it. It also has flipped axles - meaning the thing sits well off the ground. This was another thing that I would have had to have to ensure that the undercarriage and more importantly, the holding tanks, don't get damaged once I have it hauled up to my mom's property. The entrance to her driveway is very steep and a low to the ground trailer could get damaged going up that thing. This one is 27 feet long, not quite as long as I wanted to get, but looking at it? It's really pretty much perfect for what I want to do with it.

Oh, and the holding tanks appear to be in very good condition.

Speaking of RV's, my manager is seriously going to ask the general manager if he can get an RV trailer and LIVE in it on the company property! I thought he was joking at first, but he definitely is not joking about it. It's an interesting idea that could be supported by the idea of having a "guard" on the property 24 hours a day. I'm not sure if corporate will go for it, but who knows.

Anyway, I have to move the rest of the pile of landscaping rocks that is blocking any access that the trailer will have to have in having it hauled over here to park it here. Meaning I have to get my shoes and get going with this day.



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