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I mean, I don't really ever regret going to church.
I get some mind battles going before church or even during the service, but that is starting to diminish to a great degree at this point. Which is refreshing, to say the least.

So, we are in the worship service. I'm starting to get something from the Holy Spirit. It just comes in to me and I am just pondering what I am hearing. This is ripe from the days of old when I would get a word and go up front and deliver it to the congregation.

Well, an old lady gets up, goes to the front and gives a word. She says look, there are some people here that have words from the Lord. There are at least 3 people that need to come up and speak forth what God is saying. I'm feeling very uncomfortable. I have issues and I don't really feel like I am in the position to give out such things. Well, 3 people give a word, but I noticed her glancing at me once after she sat down.

There it was. I knew that she knew. I still didn&#…

Sunday 10/16/2011

I guess I am coming to the conclusion that probably, the RV with people living in it? Violation of City codes. If that is true, there are numerous lots around here with that particular violation going on. Down the street, there is actually a couple living in a pickup truck on the side of the house it's parked at. There are several travel trailers throughout this community parked on the side of houses with people living in them.

But, 350 pound man is only interested in attempting to make life miserable for me. I await the letter from the court stating he has asked for a hearing to attempt to have the Injunction dropped. Don't know if he's done that or not, but if he has, I should hear about it within the next few days.

Look, I pretty much hate living in this neighborhood. Short-sell the place is ohhhhh so ever-loving tempting. There are so many pro's AND con's to doing it, though, it's a tough decision. But, I will not allow myself to be bullied, haras…