Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday 10/18/2011

The constable never showed up. He was supposed to call and then come over and hand whatever document.
350 man told the container company yesterday - after I called the company asking them to please move it 15 feet towards the east so I can get a trailer into my driveway - that moving it would "block the fire hydrant". Apparently, the company had sent out a driver in response to my earlier request and 350 man was arguing with the driver. Of course. Never pass up an opportunity to make a big issue out of nothing.

So, the lady from that company called and informed me that they wouldn't be able to move it because of the fire hydrant. "They have the permit, apparently". I nicely responded that the hydrant was to the west, but that there is plenty of room to the east to move that thing and still be in front of his property. "It would be blocking his driveway", she replied. Yes, I said, a driveway to a house that has been torn down. There is NOTHING there, the driveway isn't being used for anything, there is, really, no good reason why that thing couldn't be moved onto the lot itself.

So she calls 350 man again. Of course he still says no. She calls me back. I said fine, I will call the city - I have the right to egress to my driveway. This apparently got all of them motivated to do something to allieve the situation, as she called back again and said "he is going to meet you half way". ? Whatever. The guy that moves the trailers says he's pretty good at tight spots, I surely hope so because I will now consider that the thing may not be able to get on the property at all, but I am going to have him try anyway. If he can't get it up the side of my house, I will have it hauled over to my mom's property in Sun City and then either just wait until they get rid of the container or if it goes on too long, make an issue out of it. It's already been out there 3 weeks. The entire scene is ugly at best.

I am mentally preparing myself for the "showdown". If he shows up with a lawyer, I want to be prepared for that possibility, too. I will start writing notes/questions/statements down today and making sure I have it all in writing. It easy to forget things when you are sitting in a court room and the pressure is on to make your statements or ask the questions that need to be asked.

Whatever the case, my work in the front yard is coming along nicely. I have been spending time out there every day now getting everything done. Also hauling rock out there via 5 gallon buckets. No way to get a wheelbarrow in there without going over the top of plants. I have already had enough cat destruction on my plants out there, certainly don't need MORE destruction.

Cain. Interesting character. I'm watching all of this political bantering closely. It's a novel approach: no political background at all. When Perry jumped in, I thought he was the guy I would be voting for, but I have since changed my mind. Some of his views aren't exactly aligned with what I would like to see in a president. I still kinda like Bachman, but at this point, it doesn't appear she has a chance. It really is an interesting mix running for the GOP spot, I would have to guess that more will eventually end up dropping out of the race, but who knows, maybe this giant field will move all the way to the polls.

Whatever the case, it's time to go to work.



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