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Tuesday 10/18/2011

The constable never showed up. He was supposed to call and then come over and hand whatever document.
350 man told the container company yesterday - after I called the company asking them to please move it 15 feet towards the east so I can get a trailer into my driveway - that moving it would "block the fire hydrant". Apparently, the company had sent out a driver in response to my earlier request and 350 man was arguing with the driver. Of course. Never pass up an opportunity to make a big issue out of nothing.

So, the lady from that company called and informed me that they wouldn't be able to move it because of the fire hydrant. "They have the permit, apparently". I nicely responded that the hydrant was to the west, but that there is plenty of room to the east to move that thing and still be in front of his property. "It would be blocking his driveway", she replied. Yes, I said, a driveway to a house that has been torn down. There is NOTHIN…