Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday 10/19/2011

Well first off, the constable decided to just show up to my house yesterday and hand the papers to Mark. Whatever. 2 day notice for a court date, if I wanted to, I'm sure that can be contested.
Then I read the paper. I wanted this in advance to be able to determine what needs to be brought up in court - the paper is his reply to my allegations against him. This was his entire reply: "I have had no contact with Mr B", no was underlined. Lol. I have no idea what is going to happen in court tomorrow, or who he is bringing with him if anyone, but I wish it could be videotaped as it is certain to turn into an entertaining time if this guy is just going to sit there and belch out lies. The judge will have to decide who is lying and who is telling the truth and base his decision on it.

If he finds to quash the Injunction, I will simply start calling the police anytime the man says anything to me and I will be carrying my video camera with me around my property. I will document every single time he starts his stuff and hopefully get some of it on video and then, if/after getting enough of it, I will go back to court and apply once again for an injunction against harassment against me. If he finds for me, then I need do nothing as the man will be restrained from saying anything to me at all. One surmises that this entire problem could be taken care if an agreement on how to deal with all the cats around here could be reached.

But that kind of agreement can only be reached with normal people who don't want wars with their neighbors. 350 man has nothing else to do, getting into this kind of thing with people is the only "spark" his life has, apparently.

I also got the travel trailer - via paying a guy to move it for me with his dually pickup truck - and got it over here. When I got here - I went straight to the trailer after work yesterday - the container had been moved. When the man started to back the trailer into the driveway, it became immediately apparent that if that container had not been moved, that trailer would never have made it into my driveway.

350 man saw the trailer, got into his car and left. Whether this was a trip to the city to complain, who knows. I have no idea if having 2 trailers on a property is legal or not - but mine is far from the only property that has to trailers parked end to end. If you were to see the properties that surround me, well, having to 2 trailers doesn't come close to the filthy, degraded, junky condition of fully every single property that surrounds me. Garbage; junk; piles of wood, bikes, evaporative coolers - on and on filling properties up. Regardless, that trailer is only here temporarily as I get Lynnette to do the wall papering in it and some other minor repairs, after that it's going to be moved to my mother's property until May, when she says she goes back up there to spend the summer.

The man quoted me about $300 to move the thing up there. From my mom's property, about 150 miles, so the price is hardly unreasonable. I had one guy quoting me $300 just to move the thing 27 miles! Lol.

The whole situation with the trailer on my property has me reverting back to thinking about building a guest house - or casitas as they like to call them around here. Those are definitely "legal" to have, though you have to go through the city and get the permits and submit plans and all that, I am sure.

Well that's it, my time's up!



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