Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 10/20/2011

So today is the day.
Yippeee and what fun.
Not, but I'm ready for it.
I'm referring to the hearing later on this afternoon.
It certainly won't be the first time that I have had to go
to a hearing to attempt to persuade to not quash a restraining
order. Though, this is an Injunction Against Harassment and
should even be easier since it isn't necessarily about violence,
it's about a person that "harasses" you. Which has a broad,
carpet-like definition that covers a multitude of differing things.
Certainly the threat of physical violence would be included under any
definition of harassment.

So, completely changing the subject as I am not going to dwell on this
all day long, I won't give that person that much credit: I had to wonder
in the case of the Philadelphia basement case, how much of this is going
on that no-one knows about? How many people are being falsely imprisoned
here, at home, this nation? I was thinking about this because if there is
one case of it going on, it is doubtful that it's the ONLY incidence that is
occurring right now.

Is Qadaffi dead, captured, what? I do hope they verify these unsubstantiated reports
sometime soon.

I was out there admiring my new travel trailer yesterday. It's in really good
condition considering it's age. Lynnette and I were in here last night attempting
to decide what pattern/color wallpaper to use in it, we did not come to a definitive
conclusion and decided to continue our search today. I don't really want that trailer
sitting here too long. It would be nice to have it here 30 days max and then move
it out of here, but I really don't know how long it's going to take to acquire the wallpaper
and then get Lynnette to install it.

I was also on the City of Phoenix site yesterday where you can check your case status.
That being any complaints that anyone has filed about your property and things going on
on your property. My property; my next door neighbor's property (the house that burned down
earlier this year) and the 2 properties that 350 man owns, or his mother actually, have
open cases. Mine has yet to be investigated, 2 of them are under review and another
has yet to be investigated.

I will be waiting to see who, if anyone else, shows up in court today to determine what
further action to take. If the neighbor behind me - who has been giving signs that he
is opposed to me, personally - this all about the cats, folks, nothing else - shows up
to testify against me today, he will have opened a can of worms that he probably shouldn't
have even looked at, much less gotten the can opener out.

His 2 properties are in chaos. One of the properties doesn't have any kind of house on it,
meaning putting ANYTHING on that property is a code violation. Well, he has the entire
property loaded up with all kinds of JUNK. He has 2 small structures which are also against
code - they can only be there if there is a house that meets the minimum square footage
requirements. Both properties are covered with over-height grass and weeds. His property with
a house on it has junk scattered around all over the place plus huge weeds and grass. I
drove around to his street yesterday, he has junk piled up all the way out to almost the very
front of his driveway.

Further, he is putting up a guy on the vacant property. The guy is sleeping in a giant moving box container. This guy is a meth head, the dude living in the box that is, and makes a lot of noise over there at night.

Well, whatever. As I said, I will wait to see who shows up. They can all say whatever they will, it's obvious from the statement that 350 man put on the reply that they are willing to lie and make up stories so who knows who will win this one.

Other than that? It's time to go to work : )
I have the peace of the Lord if nothing else, within me : )



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