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Thursday 10/20/2011

So today is the day.
Yippeee and what fun.
Not, but I'm ready for it.
I'm referring to the hearing later on this afternoon.
It certainly won't be the first time that I have had to go
to a hearing to attempt to persuade to not quash a restraining
order. Though, this is an Injunction Against Harassment and
should even be easier since it isn't necessarily about violence,
it's about a person that "harasses" you. Which has a broad,
carpet-like definition that covers a multitude of differing things.
Certainly the threat of physical violence would be included under any
definition of harassment.

So, completely changing the subject as I am not going to dwell on this
all day long, I won't give that person that much credit: I had to wonder
in the case of the Philadelphia basement case, how much of this is going
on that no-one knows about? How many people are being falsely imprisoned
here, at home, this nation? I was thinking about this because if th…