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Friday 10/21/2011

I would like to say that court was not a circus yesterday, mostly because the judge had things quite in control.
He started the thing out by saying this isn't the People's Court, Judge Judy and a list of them, this is a court of law, etc etc etc. Went into his rather impressive and long list of his credentials and then got down to business.

To completely write out over an entire hour's worth of discussion back and forth between the judge, 350 man and I would simply take too much time, at least at this particular point in the day. As I had hoped, however, 350 pound man didn't need to say a whole lot before the judge started jumping all over his case.

350 man admitted that he had told Mark he had to leave. He admitted looking over my fence and taking pictures and then quoted a law that he had probably broken by doing so. He brought the pictures to court - which made him look even worse. Started telling the judge that I can't do this and I can't do that …