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.........and finally................

3 strikes, you're out.
It certainly isn't going to be any surprise to me if this particular individual ends up in that predicament.
I'm not saying I want this for this person, but this has been his modus operandi since before he turned 18 and now that he is a "legal adult", well, stealing from grocery and convenience stores and actually getting caught may end up biting him in the @$$ in the long run.
I'm referring to Anthony. Anyone that's been reading any of my blogs for a long time will know who Anthony is.
Caleb actually mentioned this when he came home from - Muay Thai (martial arts) today. He was at Subway and saw Kyle - who told Caleb that Anthony had been caught by security at Fry's shoplifting.
I can only imagine what kinds of things must have transpired in the last 14 months since those 2 left my house. I have given it little thought and would have stayed in that realm for however long, who knows, but Caleb brought it up.
Caleb literally…


We had spent an inordinate amount of time looking for the right wallpaper. Today, we finally found it - after even more hours searching. However, this time we went to Sherwin Williams paint store, looked at the masses of catalogs they have there and found 2 very nice looking potentials within 2 minutes of being there. We being me and Lynnette. I enlisted Lynnette to help me find something because I don't want it to look - bachelorish.

We settled on the $33 per roll stuff, jotted down the info and came home. Found it online for $11.99 per roll. Also put a request to a live chat agent to see if they could find a better price, still waiting on that one.

The wallpaper can be viewed here:

The problem with looking for wallpaper online is that you are just getting a picture of it, you really can't tell that well how it looks in "real life" until you see it in hand. This stuff looks VERY nice i…

Saturday 10/22/2011

What's next?
Not sure yet.
A man admitting in open court, under oath, that a person that lives behind me jumps into my yard to let a cat out of a trap.
350 pound man coming into court with pics that he took over the top of my fence, at the trailer and a judge admonishing him to be 'very careful' because you might be found guilt of surreptitious photography laws.
I wonder if these people are sweating it now?
Especially when I turned around in court and eyed April, proclaiming: I didn't know anyone had entered my back yard! and the judge saying that we weren't for that, contact law enforcement if you want to pursue it.

These people and their lack of having anything to do with their time and therefore finding ways to release their pent up energies by - taking it out on me - have put themselves at risk, legally.
The woman that jumped my fence doesn't work, either and hasn't worked the entire almost 8 years that I have lived here in this "neighborhood&qu…