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Sunday - More

Church - good as always. Challenging as well.
They have started a 7 day per week prayer directive.
I will endeavor to be at at least 1 of those meetings.
Maybe more. I can make up to 3 of them per their schedule.
I cannot take work off to go to a prayer meeting, but everything
else is doable. This is something I NEED, frankly, being
brutally honest that my spiritual condition is far from what
it should be and where I want to be.

I miss my now-passed friend.
We used to talk - frequently - on the phone.
He was a best friend. Well, he was really my best friend I have ever had.
He died last year on New Year Eve's Day.
I miss the conversations and the bantering - joking - that went back and forth.
I have no such friends now - I have friends but nothing as close as we were.
I was just thinking - it's time to get with the program and get out.
I mostly mean this in church terms, though.

Mark and Lynnette. What to do with them. No official word from the city yet, but from …

Sunday 10/23/2011

When you get the rare occurrence of getting the right mix of tenants, you end up getting some peace in the house. In this case, the newest guy is gone every weekend. He goes to his girlfriend's house. The next newest guy is rarely ever here - he works and goes to school. The 3rd guy just finished school so that isn't taking up all of his time, but he works and then goes out with his friends.

I have been toying with a new idea, not really giving it considerable serious thought, but something planted in the brain anyway: just letting this place go and go move into the 5th wheel trailer and save money like crazy for a couple of years. I could probably find a place that would take my dogs and I could take one of my ponds with me - the horse trough one. I could save around $600 to $700 per month and continue that for a few years.

But then I start thinking about the amount of work I have done on this property and really, to just kiss it goodbye, getting nothing out of it …