Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday - More

Church - good as always. Challenging as well.
They have started a 7 day per week prayer directive.
I will endeavor to be at at least 1 of those meetings.
Maybe more. I can make up to 3 of them per their schedule.
I cannot take work off to go to a prayer meeting, but everything
else is doable. This is something I NEED, frankly, being
brutally honest that my spiritual condition is far from what
it should be and where I want to be.

I miss my now-passed friend.
We used to talk - frequently - on the phone.
He was a best friend. Well, he was really my best friend I have ever had.
He died last year on New Year Eve's Day.
I miss the conversations and the bantering - joking - that went back and forth.
I have no such friends now - I have friends but nothing as close as we were.
I was just thinking - it's time to get with the program and get out.
I mostly mean this in church terms, though.

Mark and Lynnette. What to do with them. No official word from the city yet, but from everything I am hearing, they are going to have to leave.
Mark. 64 years old. Medical conditions to the point of being on low-dose, prescription pain killers. He cannot just sit around all day long watching TV, he does small projects around here all the time. His current project: my new trailer. He took it upon himself to go in and start cleaning it.

Your idea of cleaning something and Mark's are probably 2 different things. When Mark cleans something, whatever it is - it means taking it apart and meticulously cleaning every part, internal and external. If it takes him hours to do a single thing, this is nothing to him. when he is done with a cleaning project, you can be rest assured that whatever he has cleaned? It is FACTORY clean condition. He also helps with the plants and stuff, too. I am preoccupied at this moment with the front yard, glad to have the help with the rest of it.

Lynnette. Late 40's. A ray of sunshine. Excepting for the recent revelation that 350 man may have her removed from my property, I never see her down. I can read into her when she is having a problem, but she never complains about anything. Motivated, she would like her life back. Experienced, she could be making some very good money if the things that are bogging "things" weren't holding her back. She could easily afford her own place, car, etc etc etc if there weren't some serious issues, one of them specifically by a family member that is stealing her identity and really screwing up her record.

If I have to find a place to park that trailer somewhere else, their presence will sorely be missed, I can assure you of that. My human reaction? Freaking go for the gusto and have everything done to everyone that is involved with this crap receive as much revenge as possible. Actually, some feelings from my teenaged years have been invoked, something I will not be going into here, at least what I had thoughts of doing and what the outcome would be. I can only say now that my Christian faith holds me back from such temptations, as powerful as those temptations may be.

There is so much going on all the time in my life, it seems anyway, but I rely on God to give me peace. To keep the urges to do something in check. To try and find a peaceful way out of situations is becoming more and more a predominant way of seeking resolution to things. But I will regress: these people around me that think it's going to go on forever have a different thing coming. My answer if I go such route will be completely legal and will cause them more headaches and resolution seeking than anything they have done to me.

But, even if legal, that's still a revenge way of thinking. I think so, anyway. I dunno. I'm a bit clueless at this point of where to go with all of this situation and what to do with the numerous options available to me, all of which smack of revenge in my mind. Which is why I have yet to do anything. I don't KNOW what to do, yet.

I have not yet discussed this with my pastor and I think - that I probably should. I think that maybe I will glean some wisdom that I haven't even thought of.

I dunno. I really don't know what to do about this situation. In days of old, my reaction would have already been executed. Now, I just don't know. I think if I wait it out, the path I should follow/pursue will become clear.


Sunday 10/23/2011

When you get the rare occurrence of getting the right mix of tenants, you end up getting some peace in the house. In this case, the newest guy is gone every weekend. He goes to his girlfriend's house. The next newest guy is rarely ever here - he works and goes to school. The 3rd guy just finished school so that isn't taking up all of his time, but he works and then goes out with his friends.

I have been toying with a new idea, not really giving it considerable serious thought, but something planted in the brain anyway: just letting this place go and go move into the 5th wheel trailer and save money like crazy for a couple of years. I could probably find a place that would take my dogs and I could take one of my ponds with me - the horse trough one. I could save around $600 to $700 per month and continue that for a few years.

But then I start thinking about the amount of work I have done on this property and really, to just kiss it goodbye, getting nothing out of it but a boot in the pants on the way out, doesn't set real well with me.

The wallpaper for the newest trailer has been ordered. No idea how long it will take to get here. Longer than I want it to, I am sure.

I have seen none of 350 man since the injunction was upheld. Well, once, he was across the street with his mother at their new property. I'm sure he has to be sweating it a bit. He can't stand there and do his stare-downs anymore. That, according to the judge, would be a violation of the order. He can't point his finger at me, he can't do ANYTHING towards me, he can't say anything to me and that is a year's worth of that. He stated in court that he's worried about me making some "false" claim that he has done something and with his past record, he would get into serious trouble.

Yes, well I am not the kind of person to call police and make false accusations/claims towards people. That wouldn't stand well with my Christian faith, number one and number two, I just plain wouldn't do something like that. Now if he DOES something, that's an entirely different story. Bearing in mind the considerable amount of trouble he has started with me, I would have no problem calling the police and reporting him, Injunction in hand, I just wouldn't. If he lets it all go and leaves me alone, we're good.

I have this feeling that the trouble isn't over yet. I already know there is troubling brewing with them living in the trailer. I don't know if having 2 trailers on one property is a violation. I don't know what else they could try to throw at me, but I have braced myself for such eventuality.

The trailer park they found to put the RV in was not what they said it was. The landlord called over here on my Magic Jack yesterday and I answered. I asked a number of questions. Yes, they are offering a lot at $200 per month, BUT, you have to sign a 1 year lease and after 6 months, the rent doubles. I asked her about month to month lots - $400 per month inlcudes $70 towards utilities. Yes, well that is out of their price range. I am just waiting for the city to make their determination before I get on this bandwagon and start looking myself. I already know of a couple of places that must be cheap - considering the appearance of the places. Not exactly nice, but it's only temporary and it's what they can afford if the rent is cheap enough. If they don't like those places and they can't find a place on their own, then I am going to have to part ways with them.

Well whatever, I have about an hour left in time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather out there before I have to come back in and get ready for church.



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