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..........the City called me today.
It appears they came out here, didn't find any way to get anyone in the house - I have no front door, instead, I have gates on both sides of the house - and couldn't determine whether the trailer was being occupied or not.

I could have lied. Nope, no-one living in there. Sorry, got my property mixed up with someone else's. My faith doesn't give me to permission to simply bald-faced lie about things, even if to my own hurt if I tell the truth. So I told her what was going on. Back and forth, long story short: I need at least 30 days, I informed her, to find a place to get that trailer on and get them off of the property. She was okay with that, said she would call back in 2 weeks and see how things are going.

I called Sam's properties in today. They started the war and they had no good reason to do so. If a neighbor has a problem with a neighbor, get some balls and approach them and try to come up with a solution - as I …

Monday 10/24/2011

So, yesterday late afternoon the conversation was had and it didn't end well.
But, I tried is all I can say about it.
I got into this discussion with the guy that owns 2 properties behind me.
I asked him about his involvement with taking pictures of my property over his fence; the fact that I have never started trouble with him before and asked about his wife jumping over my fence to unlock the cat trap besides going around saying extremely disparaging things about me behind my back - presumably because of the cat situation.

Remember, these are the people that are feeding a colony, they are calling it, of feral cats. This means they put out food all over their properties to feed stray and feral/wild cats, which, over time, only serves to lure even MORE feral cats from all over the place. It's the never-ending story. Might I suggest that this kind of behavior is not really normal? They catch these cats, take them in and have them fixed, thereby, purportedly, controlling the…