Monday, October 24, 2011


..........the City called me today.
It appears they came out here, didn't find any way to get anyone in the house - I have no front door, instead, I have gates on both sides of the house - and couldn't determine whether the trailer was being occupied or not.

I could have lied. Nope, no-one living in there. Sorry, got my property mixed up with someone else's. My faith doesn't give me to permission to simply bald-faced lie about things, even if to my own hurt if I tell the truth. So I told her what was going on. Back and forth, long story short: I need at least 30 days, I informed her, to find a place to get that trailer on and get them off of the property. She was okay with that, said she would call back in 2 weeks and see how things are going.

I called Sam's properties in today. They started the war and they had no good reason to do so. If a neighbor has a problem with a neighbor, get some balls and approach them and try to come up with a solution - as I tried with all of these people around here on numerous occasions about the cats, which is what started this situation. I then tried to talk to him yesterday when his wife called me a F'in A'hole. Whatever, don't care, consider the source. I gave them until today to at least talk about this, nothing. I turned half of it in over the phone, I didn't have time to go down there today, I wanted to take a drive after work and start looking for RV lots myself - driving down the road - many of these places aren't even listed in the phone book.

I will list the rest of it this week - they really don't do anything unless you specifically complain about it.

My complaint about 350 man's new property across the street has already got some attention. They plastered a notice on the side of the container today declaring that it must be moved (it's sitting IN the street and has been for about a month now). The meth head must have been paid by 350 man for previous work, as he is out there right now, pulling weeds - another complaint I put in. I don't know if 350 man's property that he lives on was inspected today or not.

I just went to the city's site to see if they have investigated: "Notice of Violation Issued". That means they came out here today and did it all. Yup, my next door neighbor's property went from "Initial Inspection" to "In Research" today as well. Mine is still set at initial inspection, but I suspect that will change tomorrow after our conversation. The 2 properties I turned into are awaiting the initial inspection as well.

So there it is.

Next. The newest Obama plan: make it easier to refinance your home. I'll give credit to Obama for a few housing things: I've had a modification and now I will be trying the refinance situation. How can you refinance a home that is 40 to 50% underwater? Answer is: you can't. Apparently this new thing is going to change that and is for, what I think I read anyway, FHA loans. Reduce my interest rate to the 4 zone? I'll take it. I'll try, anyway.

Well whatever.


Monday 10/24/2011

So, yesterday late afternoon the conversation was had and it didn't end well.
But, I tried is all I can say about it.
I got into this discussion with the guy that owns 2 properties behind me.
I asked him about his involvement with taking pictures of my property over his fence; the fact that I have never started trouble with him before and asked about his wife jumping over my fence to unlock the cat trap besides going around saying extremely disparaging things about me behind my back - presumably because of the cat situation.

Remember, these are the people that are feeding a colony, they are calling it, of feral cats. This means they put out food all over their properties to feed stray and feral/wild cats, which, over time, only serves to lure even MORE feral cats from all over the place. It's the never-ending story. Might I suggest that this kind of behavior is not really normal? They catch these cats, take them in and have them fixed, thereby, purportedly, controlling the population from growing. But, they have so MANY cats over there, it's beyond ridiculous.

Well, about the time her name was brought up - she appeared behind him. She called me a "f****** a******" and that was enough for me. I just walked away, telling them that since they apparently want a war, considering they have already turned this RV situation into the city, they are going to get back what they have dished out and left it at that. This guy knows his properties are nothing but pure trash. Even his house is dilapidated - paint has peeled off in many places and it's just exposed wood that has been like that for years now. There are dozens and dozens of bicycle wheel rims; bathtubs; gas tanks and cans; a broken electric golf cart; a boat up on it's side; this that and the other thing all over the property without a house.

I went inside my house, sat down at the computer, brought up the city's page to fill out the form to report them, filled it out and then ..........deleted it. I didn't click the send field on the page. Perhaps I'm grasping at straws, but I figured I would give it a day and see if Sam could talk some sense into that person. Once I turn their properties in, that's it. You can't take it back, the city is going to come out and inspect those properties regardless and they are going to do whatever they deem fit to do about issuing notices.

Meanwhile, 350 man finally was outside yesterday. Last night, actually. He never has company over, which is what got my attention. It appeared to be his cop buddy that shows up usually in a marked SUV, this looked to be the man's personal vehicle. The lights were all OFF when that guy showed up over there, he went into the other side of the house, came out my side of his house, turned on a light and then started looking over at my property. No clue, but 350 man was acting very strangely out front of his house while this guy was inside his house. Then, his meth head buddy from across the street appeared out of nowhere, seemingly and 350 man was throwing his arms up, pointing at my property.

This neighborhood? I'll tell you what. If I can't get the monthly payment down again, I am seriously considering getting out of here. Credit rating be damned, I am slowly coming to the conclusion that living around this kind of people and their style of living isn't worth it. I will at least be looking into my options - though the idea of simply living in a travel trailer for a couple of years is sounding more and more appealing. It would be that or live in an apartment, no thanks. I dunno, but I am definitely going to start making some phone calls around and see what's allowable for dogs - that is my main consideration. I could move completely out of the city and into county land and face far fewer restrictions about land and what you can do with it.

Dunno. Just formulating the idea in my head. Perhaps simply rent this house out. A family on HUD subsidy would be guaranteed payments every month.

This I would call the formulation stage. What are my options. Where would I go to live. How long would it take to get my credit score back up - it's actually starting to shoot well back up now that house payments are back on time after doing the last modification. If I did this in the next few months and started a serious savings plan, would the housing market still be depressed in a couple of years that housing prices will be still be way down as they are now.

But, for today, pondering what further action I should take with these neighbors that think living in residential landfills is perfectly acceptable and normal. Too bad I can't do anything about 350 man's property, the one with the house on it. A new house with no landscaping, whatsoever. Nothing. Just dirt. It's been that way for 3 plus years now. Certainly does nothing to help property values in this neighborhood. The city can't and won't force people to landscape their properties, but they will force them to maintain it, ie: no weeds or overgrown grass.

Whatever. It's Monday. I'm going to work. Going to consider going to whatever of these prayer services that they just started up this week that I can make. I don't think I can make one until - Thursday if I remember the schedule correctly. I was going to do the membership class last night, but they cancelled it because some people who wanted to go through it are sick and they wanted to postpone it.


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