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Tuesday Final

I still owe $400 on the trailer I just bought.
I was going to pay it next month - and that was part of the deal, pay it sometime around the middle of next month - but, I may just end up getting it paid off to get it behind me. I don't like owing people money and in this case, I could drain the savings account down to almost nothing but have this behind me and not have to worry about it.

The 30-something meth head who took great pleasure in taunting me in the past is not doing anything now. This a combination of calling the police whenever he disturbs my peace together with the injunction against his buddy. He is also not starting junk with Mark, either, of whom he was giving stares and glares to in the past.

I have started to use the term "hoarding" with several of these people and their properties because that is exactly what it is. What normal person loads up junk all over their property to the point that they only have pathways to get through all of it? I hav…

Tuesday 10/25/2011

Woke up groggy. In fact, woke up at midnight quite groggy and wondered how that would translate into getting up this morning, answer: even groggier. If nothing else, that always means I have had some nice, deep sleep but it simply doesn't translate into waking up refreshed and energetic.

My thoughts of short-selling the house are now on hold with the announcement of a refi program from the current presidential administration. Simply put, if are 50% upside down on a property, you cannot refinance it. I think they were going as much as 125% of the property's value, but in this case, that isn't enough (and really makes me think about why I am bothering to stay here, the only thing I really like about this place is all the plants that I have put in, other than that, this whole area could fall into a sinkhole and I certainly would never miss it).

Oh, yeah, I forgot: where would I go to live while trying to rebuild credit enough to get into another house - somewhere far fro…