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Wednesday Afternoon

Well, I was driving down the next street over a few minutes ago and saw Sam - the guy that has been affiliating himself with the opposition against because of the cat situation - removing junk out of his driveway. Yes, well he will be removing stuff for a long, long time.

So, I get my mail out of the box and see something from the Maricopa County Animal Control division. ??? Did they try to turn me in for something? My dogs are legal, my property is clean of dog dung - cleaned every day, I do not beat on my dogs - mind abuzz: what is this all about? Can only imagine. Open it up. Congrats on the new doggy, blah blah blah. Got that dog, what, 2 months ago at least? They want a donation. Lol. I "donate" enough to them in dog tags every year. For the money I spend on those tags, I get zero, nilch, nada, nothing in return. Okay, maybe to run the shelters where they are killing alot of the animals that come in there and perhaps the trucks and officers that go around, b…

Wednesday 10/26/2011

I'm not asking anyone to move out, I'm not handing out a 30-day notice to anyone, but, if one of them wanted to leave, well, it certainly would alleviate this problem we are having. It will be just my luck that everyone currently here will stay 3 years and that will be that, lol. I'm referring to giving the trailer tenants a room in the house and being done with this mess of having a "violation" on my property. I'm guessing it will cost no small amount of change to build a guest house on the property, even if I do most of the work myself. Lumber isn't cheap, nothing is really cheap anymore.

And when I'm talking about a guest house, I'm talking a small bathroom and a small kitchen, basically a kitchenette. Here nor there, I'm going to wait to see about refinancing the house through this new thing they are putting out. I am current on my mortgage, which is one of the pre-qualifiers, I think you have to have a job and this and that, but the …