Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday Afternoon

Well, I was driving down the next street over a few minutes ago and saw Sam - the guy that has been affiliating himself with the opposition against because of the cat situation - removing junk out of his driveway. Yes, well he will be removing stuff for a long, long time.

So, I get my mail out of the box and see something from the Maricopa County Animal Control division. ??? Did they try to turn me in for something? My dogs are legal, my property is clean of dog dung - cleaned every day, I do not beat on my dogs - mind abuzz: what is this all about? Can only imagine. Open it up. Congrats on the new doggy, blah blah blah. Got that dog, what, 2 months ago at least? They want a donation. Lol. I "donate" enough to them in dog tags every year. For the money I spend on those tags, I get zero, nilch, nada, nothing in return. Okay, maybe to run the shelters where they are killing alot of the animals that come in there and perhaps the trucks and officers that go around, but then again, I think that is funded by the county.

Actually, my mind went straight to: if they are trying to turn me in for my dogs for WHATEVER reason, I am turning THEM in - all 3 of them - for ANIMAL HOARDING. I may still do that anyway, I don't care if the law says you can have as many as you want, the law also states that your premises has to be clean and the animals well taken care of. Well, there is cat and dog pooh all OVER the place!

Long intermission. I went outside to work on the front yard. Absolutely gorgeous weather - finally. The real miracle is that I have complete peace out there. 350 man cannot say a word to me and meth head knows that if he starts his crap, I will immediately call the police on him. In fact, I had had thoughts of getting a restraining order against him, as well, but apparently the fact that 350 man can't say anything to me or even look at me has him - doing something different. 350 man just came back with a pile of lumber in the back of another person's pickup truck. I can only guess that he is intending on finishing that fence project that he started - 8 months ago? - never finished and now, I am also guessing: is being forced to either finish it or tear it down.

With peace, I could seriously consider staying here even if the refinancing never happens. The big drawback, still, is the house is underwater at least 40% . That's like drowning levels, lol. Like - in 15 years maybe it will be worth what I owe on it and then can sell it and find the home of my dreams. Yeah, right, lol.

Funny thing? I saw some properties for sale through a link at my company all over the U.S. Much of it was vacant property. North Carolina; Alabama; Georgia; all over the place. Several of them were - at least IMO - beautiful, wooded/tall pine tree'd lots. Absolutely the kind of place I would love to think about retiring in. But, then again, the mountains in Arizona are gorgeous as well. Too many fires, though. Gets to dry in the summer and too much of it has burned up.

I'm always dreaming, lol.

Time for bed.


Wednesday 10/26/2011

I'm not asking anyone to move out, I'm not handing out a 30-day notice to anyone, but, if one of them wanted to leave, well, it certainly would alleviate this problem we are having. It will be just my luck that everyone currently here will stay 3 years and that will be that, lol. I'm referring to giving the trailer tenants a room in the house and being done with this mess of having a "violation" on my property. I'm guessing it will cost no small amount of change to build a guest house on the property, even if I do most of the work myself. Lumber isn't cheap, nothing is really cheap anymore.

And when I'm talking about a guest house, I'm talking a small bathroom and a small kitchen, basically a kitchenette. Here nor there, I'm going to wait to see about refinancing the house through this new thing they are putting out. I am current on my mortgage, which is one of the pre-qualifiers, I think you have to have a job and this and that, but the biggest one sounded like you had to be current. Even if I am not "current", I don't let it go over 30 days to keep my credit score going up. There is no point in even thinking about building a guest house much less starting to do all the foot work and saving necessary to get such a thing done, considering you have to go through the city, get the permits, submit plans, etc etc etc.

But, the idea will be there, sitting on a shelf in my mind, probably getting some attention here and there.

I came home from work yesterday, came out to the front yard after doing other stuff and there was a cat, hiding behind a small tree, trampling yet even more ground covering plants. On the ledge where I keep fish supplies, a cat or cats had knocked everything over on to the ground.
I am debating as to whether to start catching even more of them. The 350 man's claim that it isn't legal to catch animals on your own property is a sign of stupidity at best. This is a new cat, too, I haven't seen this one around before - but that isn't surprising considering these people encourage stray and feral cats to come live with them by leaving food out everywhere for them.

I would take pics of the property behind me - you could see what kind of squalor and filth they are living in, classic examples of hoarding - but I don't want to do the same thing they did to me, which made me really mad. So I won't. Suffice it to say there is junk EVERYWHERE on BOTH properties. 350 man is going to have to either finish building his fence - he put in all the posts and then just left it like that - or take down the posts. I hope he finishes building the fence, he won't be able to look out his windows over at us anymore if he does. I think he stopped building it once he realized it would limit his ability to snoop on us since there is nothing on the property between us to block the view. I don't really care, but he will be forced to do something with it.

I'm fairly well talking myself into putting out the trap again this weekend. I want to be home during the day in case they try to come onto my property again. It will not go well for anyone jumping over my fence if I catch them, that's all I will say about that.

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the wallpaper to show up. UPS ground, but the company I bought it from didn't give a tracking number and I am not sure where this company is located. Hoovers says they are located in California, if that's true, I should see that stuff by Friday at the latest considering it was sent out on Monday. Perhaps I am being selfish, I dunno, but I want that project done on my new trailer before I have to relocate the trailer tenants and she says it won't take that long to do. She being Lynnette.

Time is up.


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