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I came home from work awhile ago and felt them.
Eyes. I gotta say it must just be something we are all born with or something, the "ability" to feel eyes staring/looking at you.

Usually, I look straight up in the direction of where those eyes are staring at me from - involuntarily - and today was no different. 350 man staring at me out of his window. Dunno, don't care. Didn't even bother to look if he had started on finishing that fencing project - though I do care about that.

Long interlude. I went out front to continue with my landscaping project and one of my tenants was out there doing his rodeo stuff with his ropes. No, he actually DOES rodeo - like riding bulls and all of that stuff. We got into a conversation after he was done - interesting person. 350 man was out front of his house, talking on the phone, sitting on a chair, throwing his hands all over the place. Fuming about something. I won't take credit for all of his fum…

Thursday 10/27/2011

The waiting game.
I'm waiting for that wallpaper to get here so we can
get started on that project.
Meanwhile, I'm about 40% convinced to tear out the carpeting and replace it.
100% convinced to get up on the roof and apply a coating of tar around one of the roof
vents to ensure there is no water leakage during storms with heavy down pours, which
is usually what will see that stuff leaking if there is a leak.

Flat tax. I'm all for it. I doubt either Perry's or Cain's version would ever make it through Congress. The idea is a "novel" one, not really cause' it's been around for a while but never gains traction. No clue whether it will gain traction now, and apparently Obama is raising a LOT of money for his re-election campaign. I hope voters don't forget some of the nonsense, is all I can say, when it comes time to vote. Another 4 years of this man's ideas? Has any of it worked so far? lol.

My mother wants me to "think"…