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Wingin' It

I don't know what I'm doing.
I just play it as it comes along.
Neighbors want wars, I try to disengage.
When they bring it to my doorstep, I just do what I think is right.

Or, I'm trying to get in line with the Lord and all kinds of
temptation hits me. Resist it? Yes. Resisting, kind of hard work,
actually. Human nature and desire is pretty strong stuff, I must admit.

Trying to get back into church? Ummm, lol. If anyone has read this blog
at length, then you know the internal wars that go on when church time
comes. I'm getting much better at that, though. 9:30AM Sunday morning
comes, I'm hopping in the shower, getting dressed, and out the door for
the 10:00 am service. But the mind still battles.

But my old pastor wanting to restart some kind of relationship?
That was a curve ball that my son threw at me last night - though I
seriously doubt he fully understands what that all means to me and
I figure this Sunday meeting he wants to have over coffee…

Friday 10/28/2011

Ahh, the joy of Friday.

What great plans do I have for the weekend?
Just continue to work on the landscaping stuff.
Hope that the wallpaper shows up today so we can
get a start on that as well.
Maybe try to get to one of the prayer groups they started this week.
They - the church - are continually asking for volunteers to work
whatever - a fair type thing that the church is hosting for local
residents - I finally gave in and decided to volunteer for a couple
of hours at a dunking tank thing. You know, like bobbing for apples
or whatever.

How do you kill a kid? I don't get it. They found the remains of
that 11 year old kid that went missing along with his mother. The husband
has been charged in the death of the mother and the boy. I dunno, but I
fear for a person going around killing kids, not fearing what may happen in this
life, it's the next life that would worry me. The guy could have offed himself
and that would be a bit better than him killing his wife and kid…