Saturday, October 29, 2011

Qantas Airlines Shuts Down

The unions are calling it irresponsible and this, that and the other thing.
All I see are airline unions causing problems for airlines.
They want more of this, that and the other thing.
Maybe they should be happy they even have jobs.
I guess that kind of thinking, even in a global economy that is screwed up almost
everywhere, doesn't exist with union workers.
Greed, selfishness and revenge. If they don't get
what they want, then by golly they're going to go
on strike.
I think Qantas has the right idea. Why continue to put up with
it? Shut the entire airline down and then see how happy they people are
to be locked out of work and receiving - NO paycheck at all.

How does a union, in striking, help a company in a wretched economy?
Oh, well I guess Qantas is making money.
I dunno. I am not getting a pension when I retire.
Whatever I saved up - that's what I get. If I didn't save anything, then
God help me, because I will need it.

I just have no sympathy with most of these unions after you learn about
each one that is making trouble - they are already living the life with
high pay and great benefits. But greed knows no boundaries. Yes, I do
call it greed.

Speaking of saving, the newest tenant - he's somewhere in his 50's - admitted last
night about having so much taken out of his paychecks that he is forced to live on
macaroni and other such lovely substances.

But when I pressed him on it, he started naming off his savings accounts.
Home savings account; cash savings account; retirement savings and even
more. I'm already where he's at: petrified at the thought of getting into
my 60's and being broke or nearly so. Further illuminated by the fact
that my dad, who had originally made me almost sole inheritor of his estate has
now informed me that all of it is going to his current wife and I get none of it.

I don't blame him, of course, that's his call, but it only further serves to light
a fire under my feet. I wonder if he would take offense if I took out an insurance
plan on him? No, probably not the greatest idea I guess.

No, the only thing I can do is continue to increase savings amounts until I can't have
anymore taken out. I am doing that in small increments, slowly, over time. How much
can I handle have taken out? Increase it 1 or 2 percentage points at a time and find

Further continuing on the finanicial realm, my ex messaged me yesterday on FB and told me she had lost her job. No details, just that statement. I have always known her as a hard worker, so it is surprising that she said she lost her job, but, the place she was working apparently doesn't treat it's employees too well.

The thought has occurred to me that I better get my dogs micro chipped. I have no idea what depths these feral cat lovers are willing to stoop to, but the thought certainly has crossed my mind that my dogs might be targeted. They have made it exceedingly clear that telling the truth is not on their list of anything to do at all if it doesn't serve their purpose, or worse, if it may harm them by saying such. They have demonstrated that they are willing to illegally enter my property by jumping a fence. They have showed their disgust for me by calling me all manner of foul language. In their eyes, I am a truly contemptible human being. I need not go into all the story, if you are not a regular reader of this blog and want to know - it's all in current entries in the last several weeks worth.

I can't be here 24 hours a day, neither do I want to be and neither will I be chained here because of other people's stupidity. I have not trapped any cats in a few weeks and then, it was that black one that I was going to let go anyway - that the woman behind me jumped the fence and let it out.

So, that on the list of things to get done, $25 per dog.
Long interlude. Accomplished quite a lot outside today. Which doesn't mean I'm anywhere near being done. Which is cool - because I am totally enjoying being outside in nice weather. I don't have to spend money to be out there, I have most everything I need, whatever I am lacking is a pair of gloves here, a bolt there.

I rechecked the city's site today on the code violations. The people behind me are busy out there, all of a sudden. I see. Mine says "initial inspection". Umm, okay. They have been inspected, I am guessing - but the site doesn't show it has been done, only that the initial inspection is still awaiting. They don't do that kind of work unless they are forced to. Others have complained in the past, but the work only went on so long and then it died out. It's not going to go that easy for them this time. They are living in squalor and filth, hoarders that could qualify for the TV show, I am sick of it and now they have given me reason to start a campaign. Clean it up - all of it, get it out of there. When you are done - months later - you will feel much better about it.

Tomorrow en-queue. Start off the morning with coffee, go outside and do some more work, come back in to get ready for church. And then? My son wanting this coffee date. I have no idea. But I am certainly intrigued. What does he want to tell me? Lord willing, we'll see.



Saturday 10/29/2011

Slept pretty well last night, fortunately for me.
I do not like getting up on Saturday morning after a bad night's sleep,
I won't get much done in that condition.
I have plenty I want to try and get done outside today, and sitting
around on a computer all day long when the weather is so beautiful outside?
No thanks. I don't mind being on it here and there along with my early morning
rituals, but all day long is out of the question.

So, yesterday I decided to go ahead and volunteer 2 hours of a Saturday to - whatever they are calling it, Harvest Festival or whatever - at church. It's a big outreach they have planned for
next week with all kinds of stuff for kids to do. The list for volunteers was only about 2/3rd's filled and I decided to jump in and help out a bit. I am doing the "Duck Pond". I think this is a little kiddie's thing where they just pick up a duck and it has prizes on the bottom. Lol. It's a silly game, but I am sure little - talking very young - kids enjoy being able to do something at a fair like that. I also paid for the cotton candy for the event - and that's going to do me for donations for a while now.

I need to get my "reserves" back up. I'll be spending more money on the travel trailer, but since I have until May, I guess it is, I have plenty of time to fool around with that project.
I have decided to go ahead and replace the carpet in it. It's blue and it's kinda ugly, not to mention worn out enough that replacing it is warranted. Especially considering the fact that it's not that much carpet - half of the trailer has vinyl flooring which is still in good condition. But, that can wait.

Which reminds me. I was going to ask mom to continue to buy these really expensive - but very nice - kitchen knives, in fact we have already discussed it. But now? That trailer needs a new microwave. With the budget that she gives for a Christmas present, I could actually get a pretty nice one. Well, I dunno, second thoughts - those knives are REALLY nice.

Well coffee time is over. I just remembered that both larger ponds need the filters and the pumps completely cleaned out. Not the nicest thing to have to do on earth, but the fish are nice to have, so I guess I will clean them out so they don't die of some disease caught by too much fish waste in the filtering systems!



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