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Qantas Airlines Shuts Down

The unions are calling it irresponsible and this, that and the other thing.
All I see are airline unions causing problems for airlines.
They want more of this, that and the other thing.
Maybe they should be happy they even have jobs.
I guess that kind of thinking, even in a global economy that is screwed up almost
everywhere, doesn't exist with union workers.
Greed, selfishness and revenge. If they don't get
what they want, then by golly they're going to go
on strike.
I think Qantas has the right idea. Why continue to put up with
it? Shut the entire airline down and then see how happy they people are
to be locked out of work and receiving - NO paycheck at all.

How does a union, in striking, help a company in a wretched economy?
Oh, well I guess Qantas is making money.
I dunno. I am not getting a pension when I retire.
Whatever I saved up - that's what I get. If I didn't save anything, then
God help me, because I will need it.

I just have no sympathy wit…

Saturday 10/29/2011

Slept pretty well last night, fortunately for me.
I do not like getting up on Saturday morning after a bad night's sleep,
I won't get much done in that condition.
I have plenty I want to try and get done outside today, and sitting
around on a computer all day long when the weather is so beautiful outside?
No thanks. I don't mind being on it here and there along with my early morning
rituals, but all day long is out of the question.

So, yesterday I decided to go ahead and volunteer 2 hours of a Saturday to - whatever they are calling it, Harvest Festival or whatever - at church. It's a big outreach they have planned for
next week with all kinds of stuff for kids to do. The list for volunteers was only about 2/3rd's filled and I decided to jump in and help out a bit. I am doing the "Duck Pond". I think this is a little kiddie's thing where they just pick up a duck and it has prizes on the bottom. Lol. It's a silly game, but I am sure little -…