Monday, October 31, 2011


I just got done checking the City's site.
This particular site allows you to view whatever's going on with a complaint against any particular property.
You don't have to be the person that filed the complaint, either. ALL you have to have is the address.
Well, I definitely am the culprit here. I filed the complaint, they were part and parcel of the parties involved involved in turning in my trailer situation with people living in it. That is, however, ALL they have against my property. I don't live like a pig, I don't have a hoarding situation, etc etc etc.

I make no apologies and I am not hiding anything. They started all this trouble, I will have my say in it. I have been waiting to see what the inspector will file on those 2 properties.

I entered the information on the property that has no house on it. This property has had complaints filed against it in the past - someone else's doings. However, I was VERY surprised to see the results. I figured I would see a "Notice of Violation Issued". No. "Ticket Issued".

This is a fine. This is a recurring violation. I knew it was a violation, I didn't know a ticket would be issued. They will have to go to court to fight it. The ONLY way to fight it is to have that property completely cleared of everything. They brought this war to me. I was minding my own business. I had no issues with these people excepting seeing these giant garage doors in the back of the property every time I walk out the door. I still didn't want to start anything with them. Bring a war to me, you will get one back at you. You will find me to be as person that looks into every crevice, nook and cranny. I will fish out whatever I can find and I will bring it. I will be calling the fire department after this for an inspection as well. If I have to, we'll see what happens.

Time for bed.


The Excitement Continues

Quoting my own words that I wrote in my blog this morning: "Who knows what fun and excitement this week may hold!"

I no more wrote those words, published that entry, turned off the computer and walked out of the house only a few minutes later to find? My next door neighbor from Michigan, his pickup with his big, long trailer parked in front of his vacant lot, sleeping away in the pickup.

This is where the cat situation began, with this man. Well, actually, it started with Mario, a former tenant. I don't even know how the subject came up, but I said something to him about the cats and - not long after - he mentioned the subject to this neighbor. This included my intention to catch cats and relocate them.

Well, I didn't find out from Mario about this, I found out from neighbors who were "outraged" that I was doing such a thing - even though I had asked repeatedly that they take responsibility for their felines and do something about this situation. I am under NO obligation to "put up with" someone's else's creatures on my property. Once? Okay. Once in a while? I can deal with it. Every night, destroying plants, defecating and urinating everywhere? I don't think so.

Whatever, that is what started all of this, Mario telling this neighbor and this neighbor telling the whole world.

So here he is, I am looking at this truck, idling away - diesel engine - him sleeping inside of it. Exciting week? Here we go. I get home from work. I am outside throwing trash away into the outdoor receptacle, he is just on the other side of my fence (remember, he is my NEXT door neighbor, not 350 man on the other side of HIS property). I am looking at the trash can but he is that field of view and we eyeball each other. Hi Ben! The guy has never been nasty to me, even with all of this stuff, at least to my face. What he says behind my back is another situation entirely. Which really gets to me - be a man about it, if you have some s*** to say, say it to me and let's get it all aired out. If there is a solution - which I believe there is in the case of these cats, let's get with it.

Well, I get home from work. He has a "construction site" sign out front. His RV trailer? "Construction Office". Is it legal? Yes, if he has the permits for the trailer and the hookups to it. However, he was seen pissing on a tire out there earlier, there is no sewage, no electricity and that is certainly not a "legal" situation.

Passing by other news that is important, at least to me but has nothing to do with this situation, we exchange words after that eye contact. He tells me in his light and airy manner about the signs. Yes, indeed. Nothing about cats. 350 man is right there, I will have to review the terms of the thing, but there I remember the judge saying there would be X amount of space between us on the Harrassment order. I doubt 20 feet is in that equation, especially considering I was talking to Randy - my next door neighbor - from my property.

Randy started talking about the lady from the city giving him all kinds of trouble: you can't have ANYTHING on that property. Yup, I know that, though I didn't file the complaint, I flatly told him. I further told him, with 350 man standing there - though he turned away with a cat in his arms, he isn't going to push this that far in violating that order - again - that I did not file that complaint but I freely admitted to filing the complaints on the other properties. I have nothing to hide, they turned me in, letting me know that they were doing such. I also stated that it was probably done anonymously - yup, he said, it was. Well, I stated a third time: I did NOT turn it in. I was tempted to tell him his 350 man buddy probably did it - it wouldn't surprise me - but I refrained.

We haven't even gotten into the discussion I want to get into with Randy - he has brought his cats and the FIRST thing they will do is come to MY property and start shitting and pissing everywhere.

Well, I have things to get done, this one is over.


Monday 10/31/2011

I'm not a big fan of Halloween - in fact I am not a fan of it at all, so I take a pass on this "holiday" considering it's origins and the fact that it holds nothing for me at all besides to make a nation full of obese kids - even that much more obese by handing out gobs of candy and calorie laden junk.

More fun may be the church festival next weekend, though they are going to be handing out the calorie/sugar laden junk as well.

Whatever the case, I wrote 3 entries yesterday an am not particularly feeling like getting too much into depth of anything this morning.

So, I am off to the races. Who knows what fun and excitement this week may hold!



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