Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Laptop Computer

I have never given serious thought to getting one. I have a nice desktop, I am thinking, what need have I for a laptop? I may have thought about it in passing, I guess, but nothing I have ever really said: gee, I must have one of those.

Remember that I grew up without computers, for the younger generation. Schools weren't filled with them, the internet didn't exist and cellphones were a figment of a Star Trek type of imagination. No, really: the internet has not always been around, trust me, it hasn't.

Today, while sitting in the semi for 2 hours waiting for a contractor to actually stop the other stuff he was doing and get to what he wanted me to do, which was move pipe from once location to another, I was writing up a list for the things I will need - and yes - want - for the trailer when I finally get it up north and have it up and functioning.

Internet access. I will want it. I mean, I will spend a lot of time hiking in the woods up there with the dogs, oh most definitely. I have ALWAYS loved the mountains and the allure of it. Umm, on a sidenote: I won't be going unarmed. Now I will be having a holstered 40 caliber SW40VE Sigma at my side. I have been challenged by numerous animals in the forest in the past, including a very large elk that was mad that I scared her partner off; a mountain lion that stalked me for well over an hour; javelina and coyotes to name a few. The idea of having something to defend yourself - even if you have no intention of using the firearm unless actually, physically, attacked, is quite appealing. Although,I'm not sure that gun would stop a mountain lion in it's tracks and definitely not a giant elk unless the bullet hit perfectly - like in the heart.

I stopped on that one, the laptop that is. Not the mountain hiking. I have always taken the risk of hiking even though I know there are all kinds of wild animals out there - usually they run off and don't bother you if you do happen upon them.

My thoughts? Why am I running around all over the place, sitting frequently for 30 minutes up to 2 hours and sometimes even longer, without a laptop and an aircard to access the internet? I mean, this idea of having a laptop in the mountains for internet access barely scratches the surface once I started thinking about it. I could be doing all kinds of stuff on the internet. There is absolutely nothing else I can do when sitting at a construction site waiting to get unloaded.

This gave validity to this idea of getting an aircard at around $50 to $60 per month and getting rid of this texting phone. I am not in love with texting, I have found out, and I never will be. I can deal with it, but it's not my first choice of communication. Talking on the phone is MUCH faster. Writing an email on a regular keyboard is a hundred times faster than trying to use my rather large fingers on these very small keys in typing out a message.

Yes, I will gladly give up the texting phone to get a laptop computer to have something to do while out on the road during lagtime. Indeed, yes yes yes.

Oh, just one caveat: Laptops aren't exactly cheap. Black Friday and beyond or even before that are all kinds of "Christmas deals" to be found. I just balk, btw, seeing huge, fake Christmas tree and ornaments/lights/etc. displays set up at - everywhere? In OCTOBER? YES, I KNOW it is November, but this stuff starting showing up LAST MONTH. Christmas is meaningless to so many people nowadays. Or conversely, it is a depressing time for families that have nothing and haven't figured out that - giving expensive gifts isn't the point. It is nice, yes, but if you don't have the money, it doesn't matter.

Whatever. Another goal now: get a laptop, preferably not a cheap piece of junk. Minimum memory is mandatory.

Tuesday 11/1/2011

So, Halloween came and went and I was none the wiser for it. Didn't sit out front with candy, left the lights out, when it comes to Halloween? I'm a baaaaaah humbug. I like Thanksgiving and I absolutely love Christmas - both of which are just around the corner.

So, the trailer is going to have it's transformation started today. Lynnette will be in there starting today on the wallpapering project. I need to look at carpet and decide what kind and color I want to replace the blue stuff with - though decidedly, it's not going to be blue carpet. Something that hides dirt a bit better - beige/brown, something like that.

I haven't gotten up on the roof yet to look at what needs to be done to stop whatever leakage might be going on around one of the roof vents. I will need numerous items for that thing since it's going to be up there semi-permanently. A small vacuum, a new microwave, a new bed mattress to name a few. Probably having a small assortment of tools won't hurt, either. Now that I have permission to put the thing up there before May - well I am going to get this thing done hopefully within the next 2 months and then put the thing up there early next year.

I had given thought about waiting until May - that's a long time from now. There is no running water up there but my mother has a 500 gallon water tank. There is definitely electricity, if there wasn't that, I would probably not have even started in on this project. Per the water situation, the trailer has a fresh water holding tank with it's own water pump in it. So, in reality, I will have running water, able to take showers, etc etc etc. We discussed this water situation - she doesn't use much, like 500 gallons lasting and entire summer?

I balked at that. I'm not going to waste it, but if I need it, I'm going to use it. If I have to pay a service to bring up 500 gallons of water, then so beit. I am going to get a satellite dish and I will be able to have Direct TV up there at no extra charge over what I am already paying. Not that I watch that much TV, I really don't, but since it's available, might as well hook it up. That only leaves the question of the internet and whether I really need it or not. I'm fairly well "addicted" to the internet at this point, not having it for days at a time probably isn't going to work too well.

So, formulation time over, well not completely, but I have pretty well laid out in my mind what I need to get done in this coming year for having a nice layout up there. Just the internet is left in want - if I am going to spend any amount of time up there, I will want it. If it's just here and there, I can do without.

As for Randy coming back, time will tell how that goes. He is using the green earth as his toilet over there. My neighbors behind me must really be hating me now that they have been issued a ticket. Well, they really messed things up over here in forcing this issue with the RV and having to find a place for Mark and Lynnette, a taste of their own medicine given back to them was in order.

Time for work!



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