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Laptop Computer

I have never given serious thought to getting one. I have a nice desktop, I am thinking, what need have I for a laptop? I may have thought about it in passing, I guess, but nothing I have ever really said: gee, I must have one of those.

Remember that I grew up without computers, for the younger generation. Schools weren't filled with them, the internet didn't exist and cellphones were a figment of a Star Trek type of imagination. No, really: the internet has not always been around, trust me, it hasn't.

Today, while sitting in the semi for 2 hours waiting for a contractor to actually stop the other stuff he was doing and get to what he wanted me to do, which was move pipe from once location to another, I was writing up a list for the things I will need - and yes - want - for the trailer when I finally get it up north and have it up and functioning.

Internet access. I will want it. I mean, I will spend a lot of time hiking in the woods up there with the dogs, oh mo…

Tuesday 11/1/2011

So, Halloween came and went and I was none the wiser for it. Didn't sit out front with candy, left the lights out, when it comes to Halloween? I'm a baaaaaah humbug. I like Thanksgiving and I absolutely love Christmas - both of which are just around the corner.

So, the trailer is going to have it's transformation started today. Lynnette will be in there starting today on the wallpapering project. I need to look at carpet and decide what kind and color I want to replace the blue stuff with - though decidedly, it's not going to be blue carpet. Something that hides dirt a bit better - beige/brown, something like that.

I haven't gotten up on the roof yet to look at what needs to be done to stop whatever leakage might be going on around one of the roof vents. I will need numerous items for that thing since it's going to be up there semi-permanently. A small vacuum, a new microwave, a new bed mattress to name a few. Probably having a small assortment of to…