Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Various Things

Long day at work.
10-1/2 non-stop hours of grind.
Not that I mind, I am 6 hours "over" and though I undoubtedly won't be able to keep all of it, it should be able to keep at least 5 by week's end. That just means they will let me go early either tomorrow or Friday. Or both. Or neither. Tomorrow has a full day of stuff in the truck routing system. Friday it will have to be.

Church tonight. I'm not going. Starts in 3 minutes. Starting church at 7:00 pm may work for most people, it simply doesn't work for me. Especially after the kind of work day I have had and the fact that 2 nights in a row, I haven't slept very well. I wish I COULD go, if they were to start it at 6:00 pm, I would be there. Obviously, I am not going to ask them to change the start time for one person.

RV parts store. Yes, well I was going to stop by there on the way home from work, but I had no idea I would be going home from work after 5:00 pm, that will have to wait until tomorrow - or whenever I can get to it.

Double check on Verizon coverage on mom's property. Nearest outage is about 3 miles away. Dunno. I have a Verizon phone from work, I don't remember even looking at it when I was up there last and we just switched to Verizon. Maybe take a drive up there and see - but really I will call them first and see what they have to say about it. Cricket's site claims they don't even offer service up there - but most assuredly, I was able to both use the phone and get on the phone's internet when I was up there last. Alltell's coverage sucks. At least from what I saw on their map. Lots of companies out there offering this stuff, not in a big hurry, don't need it tomorrow, take my time.

Is it any surprise that news reports are coming out that Israel wants to end Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons? If there is any surprise, it's how long it has taken for this kind of decision and information to come out. How long can Iran going around making the outrageous threats of annihilation and destruction it has made, repeatedly, over and over, before someone does something about it? However, I don't think Israel should be firing nuclear missiles at Iran. I don't think ANY nation should be firing nuclear tipped missiles at any other nation. That is the beginning of the end. If that's the end that God spoke about in the book of Revelations in the Bible, then so beit. The intelligence is allegedly out there: just destroy the plants that are capable of making or suspected of being capable of making nuclear grade plutonium.

Whatever. I'm tired and a bit cranky. Because I'm tired. Which can make me cranky. Lol.
Just staying up long enough to make me tired enough to stay asleep for awhile.

So I'm done with this for the day.

Wednesday 11/2/2011

2 nights in a row now that I haven't slept particularly well. That, undoubtedly, will change tonight since 2 nights in a row mean the third night, usually anyway, I will pass out in bed and pretty much sleep through the night.

I came home from work yesterday and Lynnette was full-fledged into the wall papering project. She stated that it's going to take more wall paper than I got to finish it. Gag. I had hoped she would have started in the living room area, not the bedroom area. For whatever reason, she started in the bedroom area and, oh well.

Well we're in there, the "neighbor" from behind me was visiting my next door neighbor. He saw us in there and waved, lol. Same dude that was seen hanging over my fence, taking pics of the trailer and talking crap about the people living in it and me. People are very strange, is all I can say about that, very strange indeed.

The city also came out yesterday to Randy's - the neighbor whose house burned down right next to me - and who knows what they were saying to him. He was already informed he would have to remove everything off of that property. The property's been sitting with all that junk on it since - well it was last year actually - he has had plenty of time to do something with it. A lot of speculation going on as to who, actually, turned him in, it wasn't me but whoever did it did so anonymously.

Then there was the encounter with the mailman yesterday. He asked how things were going, I had thought he had been given the whole low-down about the situation, he had not. He will occasionally stop and talk to people on his route. After telling him all of it, he gave me a look and started telling his own story. Appears the hoarders behind me have a mother - or used tohave a mother - that is also on his route. He stated that after she died, these people were there, the SAME day, removing stuff from her house. He said he lost all respect for them after seeing that. He also said it was the first time he EVER had bad mouthed anyone on his route, but from his view? They deserved it.

The people across the street? Now hate this neighborhood. Mostly because of 350 man's incessant intrusions into their personal business. Probably also because of his continual calling to the City of Phoenix attempting to get the guy fired for bringing the work truck home on occasion to get lunch or whatever. They are looking to move out of this neighborhood. I am still going to try the refinance program they just rolled out. If I can get that through, I will stick it out here since my payment would drop at least $200 per month if not more.

I only heard back from my oldest brother once, though I wrote him another short note - yes it WAS short - about hopefully meeting up with him when the time comes and he can help determine where to put that trailer since he lived on that property for about 2 years and knows where mom will want the thing placed. Oh well, it was a nice 2 sentences I got from him, anyway.

As for internet service, well, I could probably get Hughes via satellite up there, though I don't know anyone that has ever used it and I have seen a couple people online complaining that it didn't work very well. I'm looking at Verizon's coverage map right now - even up there in the mountains - the exact location of my mother's property in fact - is covered in red meaning digital coverage. Is there map accurate?

I dunno, but the work bell rings soon, I must be outta here.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...