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Various Things

Long day at work.
10-1/2 non-stop hours of grind.
Not that I mind, I am 6 hours "over" and though I undoubtedly won't be able to keep all of it, it should be able to keep at least 5 by week's end. That just means they will let me go early either tomorrow or Friday. Or both. Or neither. Tomorrow has a full day of stuff in the truck routing system. Friday it will have to be.

Church tonight. I'm not going. Starts in 3 minutes. Starting church at 7:00 pm may work for most people, it simply doesn't work for me. Especially after the kind of work day I have had and the fact that 2 nights in a row, I haven't slept very well. I wish I COULD go, if they were to start it at 6:00 pm, I would be there. Obviously, I am not going to ask them to change the start time for one person.

RV parts store. Yes, well I was going to stop by there on the way home from work, but I had no idea I would be going home from work after 5:00 pm, that will have to wait until…

Wednesday 11/2/2011

2 nights in a row now that I haven't slept particularly well. That, undoubtedly, will change tonight since 2 nights in a row mean the third night, usually anyway, I will pass out in bed and pretty much sleep through the night.

I came home from work yesterday and Lynnette was full-fledged into the wall papering project. She stated that it's going to take more wall paper than I got to finish it. Gag. I had hoped she would have started in the living room area, not the bedroom area. For whatever reason, she started in the bedroom area and, oh well.

Well we're in there, the "neighbor" from behind me was visiting my next door neighbor. He saw us in there and waved, lol. Same dude that was seen hanging over my fence, taking pics of the trailer and talking crap about the people living in it and me. People are very strange, is all I can say about that, very strange indeed.

The city also came out yesterday to Randy's - the neighbor whose house burned down righ…