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More Neighbor Issues

So, the neighbor whose house burned down a while back and returned from Michigan recently? Well, I found fresh cat s*** on the front of my property. When he comes back, he brings his cats. They beeline it for my property. And s***, pee and destroy my vegetation.

He inserted himself when I was telling someone on the street who had asked what I was doing: Cleaning up someone else's cat's s***. He comes walking up to the front of his property, which is where this goes sour.

This is the guy that brings all the rusted cars from Michigan to resell here, though he didn't do it this time around. He lines the street with them. He is living in an RV on his property - obviously a no-no since the city told me I can't do that, either. He is pissing and crapping outside. That's right, he is going number 2, not on a toilet, but in the back of his property. He is also a hoarder. He "collects" things,the people that live like that are want to call it. He STIL…

Thursday 11/3/2011

Personally, I would hate to see the US Postal service go under. I like to see the mailman come and bring the weekly circulars, all the lovely bills, sometimes a letter or a postcard. I could, however, live without Saturday service, even though they are suggesting that should be a "last" option.

What kind of sick minds are they that would drop a shopping cart 4 stories onto a woman's head? And then, it turns out they are 2, 12 year old boys? And worse, that they were laughing about it after they were taken into custody? Maybe if they were thrown into an adult population incarceration facility filled with prisoners that have life sentences their laughter would go away. What kind of society are we becoming that produces children like this? It doesn't really speak well for us as a whole.

I'm tired from yesterday. Coming back in the semi on the Phoenix freeway system, there were fully 4, separate accidents and even more cars pulled over by ADOT Highway Patrol…