Thursday, November 3, 2011

More Neighbor Issues

So, the neighbor whose house burned down a while back and returned from Michigan recently? Well, I found fresh cat s*** on the front of my property. When he comes back, he brings his cats. They beeline it for my property. And s***, pee and destroy my vegetation.

He inserted himself when I was telling someone on the street who had asked what I was doing: Cleaning up someone else's cat's s***. He comes walking up to the front of his property, which is where this goes sour.

This is the guy that brings all the rusted cars from Michigan to resell here, though he didn't do it this time around. He lines the street with them. He is living in an RV on his property - obviously a no-no since the city told me I can't do that, either. He is pissing and crapping outside. That's right, he is going number 2, not on a toilet, but in the back of his property. He is also a hoarder. He "collects" things,the people that live like that are want to call it. He STILL has a LOT of junk out there.

I have put up with this guy and his junk for years because I don't want wars with my neighbors. But all 3 of these properties and these people are cat lovers and they don't CARE what their cats do off their property.

So, I started to discuss with him this cat situation. As normal for him, he takes responsibility for nothing. I have been hearing this from him for years concerning other situations - which I have nothing to do with - and interactions with other people. He is as pure as the driven snow, at least in his own eyes. He throws up his hands, what do you want me to do? Shoot my cats? No, I want you to take responsibility for them. "Well, there are no leash laws". In other words, who cares what my animals do on other people's property. I suggested they become indoor cats.

He has a comeback for everything: they live on 40 acres on his other Michigan property, you expect me to turn them into indoor cats? I came up with 350 man's idea of moth balls. He states they don't work. Then gets nasty with me and tells me to not start this s*** with him. Funny, I wasn't even talking to him, he inserted himself into my conversation with someone else.

So, he points at one of my tenant's cars, I don't know why that guy parked there, but he is partially in front of his property. Whoopee, I didn't say anything, though, even if it isn't
illegally parked. Not into arguing just for the sake of arguing, if you want to call the police, be my guest, though I didn't say that, either.

He walked away. I went back to my fence a little while later and asked him if he has a cat litter box. Yes, it's filled with dirt. I then mentioned the motion sensor activated device that turns on a sprinkler when an animal comes within it's range. That's your problem. Yes, but my problem becomes your problem, though I didn't specify how. Well, you guys can buy one for me and this problem is solved. He says again it isn't his problem, cats aren't required to be on leashes. No, they aren't but that doesn't mean they can come on my property.

I'm not getting a great "name" around here for this situation, but I am fed up with people that want to live like pigs and don't care what effect their actions or in this case, their animal's actions are having on other people, especially when it comes to me, on MY property. If a neighbor comes to me and says something I am doing or something someone living here is doing or my animals is causing them a problem, I'm not going to throw my hands up in the air, shrug my shoulders and say: "That's YOUR problem, not mine". I am not that kind of person. I will do whatever I can do try and resolve it with them. That's what good neighbors can and should do.

I rather believe in a normal neighborhood that most people would also think such - who wants a war with neighbors. This is not a normal neighborhood. Although I have heard the hate and disgust people have with HOA's for years and years and I am not necessarily wanting to live in a place that has one, there IS an advantage to having an entity that forces people to not only keep their property clean, but also have landscaping on it as allowed by the HOA's CCR's.

Whatever. I have been putting up with this stuff for years now, I am at the end of the line with it. The straw that broke the camel's back is turning in the trailer with Mark and Lynnette living in it. They shouldn't have done that - it was an act of spite because of the cat situation - and it only motivates me to start dealing with this rampant hoarding junk going on around here. The entire situation continues to fodder my interest in getting out of this neighborhood. Though, this situation is isolated to these 3 properties and the individuals that live on them. There are others in this community that despise the way these people live and say so freely.

Okee dokee. End of work week almost here. Church Harvest Festival thing on Saturday and yes, I fully intend on showing up to do the 2 hour volunteer thing. Which is crazy: the weather on Saturday? Slated to be a high of 68 degrees. That may actually deter people from coming out. I know, we are Phoenicians, cold is defined much differently here than what a person that is living in, say, Wisconsin, defines it as. But who knows, perhaps people will like the idea of wearing coats if necessary and having a good time in the sunshine without burning up.

My mother? Going all out now. That is, all out to find stuff at her kind of prices for my trailer. She got up early today - in her area, for whatever reason - Thursday is the day to have a garage/yard/carport sale. She gets to the places early and from what she wrote me? She was highly entertained by all of it. She found an old, steel, Coleman cooler. One of those heavy duty things they used to make - which I have no idea if they make anymore - in great condition for $5.

I went to "Camper's World" today - a huge store mostly set up for people with RV's and trailers - though there is some camping equipment in there - and found what I was looking for. A special adapter - for less than $5. A bunch of other stuff, too, lol - I got a couple of cheap items I needed but pretty much got out of there before getting tempted to spend some real money.

Time has expired. I have to be at work at work at 5:30 am and leave as soon as I get there.

So, g'nite.


Thursday 11/3/2011

Personally, I would hate to see the US Postal service go under. I like to see the mailman come and bring the weekly circulars, all the lovely bills, sometimes a letter or a postcard. I could, however, live without Saturday service, even though they are suggesting that should be a "last" option.

What kind of sick minds are they that would drop a shopping cart 4 stories onto a woman's head? And then, it turns out they are 2, 12 year old boys? And worse, that they were laughing about it after they were taken into custody? Maybe if they were thrown into an adult population incarceration facility filled with prisoners that have life sentences their laughter would go away. What kind of society are we becoming that produces children like this? It doesn't really speak well for us as a whole.

I'm tired from yesterday. Coming back in the semi on the Phoenix freeway system, there were fully 4, separate accidents and even more cars pulled over by ADOT Highway Patrol. Basically a 40 mile parking lot. And in those accidents, one wonders how many of them were caused by people texting and not paying a single bit's worth of attention to the much more important task at hand: drive your freaking vehicle and put the texting phone down. Well at least it's Thursday.

Here's a nice one: my Fingerhut account is close to being paid off. I had that up at around $600 at one point. I decided that getting that and a couple of other accounts paid down is the thing to do. The lower my balances, the better for my credit score. One of them is up near 700 which was, not too terribly long ago, at an all time low of around 500 because of the house modification and having to let my payments go for a couple of months.

Odd, isn't it? They won't help you unless you are behind on your payments. So you intentionally let your payments go - hey, I used the money for good purposes - then apply for the modification, get the modification and your past due stuff disappears. I got a reply back from my mortgage company about refinancing the loan.

They didn't even address the question. They said I don't qualify for a principal reduction since it is an FHA backed loan. Isn't that nice? I didn't ASK them about that, I asked them about refinancing the loan. Just like any big corporation, whoever "read" the letter at MidFirst Bank didn't read it at all. They just skim over it, if even that, and then give you an automated reply. I ALREADY got this SAME, exact reply months ago when I asked for a principal reduction. It irritates me to no end when you send an email or even send in a snail mail asking a specific, particular question and the answer you get doesn't even begin to address your concerns, at all. MidFirst is hardly the only company that does it, but this is a bit more important than an online game I am playing or much of anything else for that matter.

Whatever the case, my time is up, there is a LOT to do in the truck routing system today, I will be busy, that's for sure.



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