Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday 11/4/2011

I got up early this morning for an early delivery at work. No time to write an entry. Long day, too, meaning I got to keep all that OT I had acquired this week. Not that I didn't bring it up to my manager - just because of company management's insistence to keep that kind of stuff down.

I'll just voice my opinion on this pilot that is getting 6 months in prison for flying a commercial airliner - drunk. GOOD. Do YOU want to get into an airplane and go jetting around the skies with a drunk pilot? How many people can be killed by a drunk pilot? Well, fortunately there was the captain of the plane that wasn't drunk and, apparently, turned this guy in. I am under the same exact restriction in blood alcohol content: no more than .04 percent while driving a commercial vehicle. Well I can assure you that I drive commercial vehicles with a 0.000000000000 ad infinitum alcohol blood content. Not that I never drink, but I certainly don't do it before or during driving a commercial vehicle.

Whatever the case, the weekend is here. Yayyyy. The sky is overcast and Accuweather has their definition of the conditions here: dreary. Yeah, well whoever wrote that certainly doesn't LIVE here. EVERYONE I have spoken with today - which is quite a large number of people - WANTS rain, loves overcast skies at least once in a while and can't wait for it to begin. I am assuming that this massive "green" cloud that is observed by looking at radar is moving this way from California? Or from the North? Well it's coming from somewhere and it's massive : )

My mother wants my response on what I want for Christmas. She gave me the Starter Knife Set and asked me if I wanted more of that kind this year? Yes, yes indeed. Messermeister cutlery. Check it out. I am eyeing a knife that costs $129.

Came home from work today. Wind blowing, temp at perfect levels. Beautiful outside. 350 man eyeballing me as I pulled into my driveway (completely forbidden with the restraining order, he is definitely NOT allowed to even LOOK at me) - I ignored it. Did my thing and got back out front. I have been working on it for a while now, it's starting to shape up. Getting there, but not done yet, of course. 350 man is out there, looking at me again. This guy just can't let it go. But I can, just looking at me? I don't care. I'm not going to report that. If he starts s*** with me or does this juvenile stare-down crap or other things he does? I will warn him.

I turned my back on him and then completely ignored both him and Randy the rest of the time I was out there - which was about 2 hours of laying plastic; large rocks and then hauling the landscaping rock out there in a wheelbarrow. I am creating pathways through the vegetation and it's looking really good. I have Mary's (ex-tenant) idea in mind and keeping some of that, but what I am doing out there is definitely transforming it to the next level.

My search. For what, you may ask. Lots of things. But my mother has taken up the flag and is running with it. She has gone so far with this situation, that I haven't done any of it yet. That is, finding things that will be needed for the trailer. She takes great pleasure in finding the bargains - wherever they are to be found, who am I to stop that train? My mother is starting to get well up there in years. I want to spend more time with her.

Umm, there is much more. But I am done with this one. I am going to bed soon, busy day tomorrow.



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