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Friday 11/4/2011

I got up early this morning for an early delivery at work. No time to write an entry. Long day, too, meaning I got to keep all that OT I had acquired this week. Not that I didn't bring it up to my manager - just because of company management's insistence to keep that kind of stuff down.

I'll just voice my opinion on this pilot that is getting 6 months in prison for flying a commercial airliner - drunk. GOOD. Do YOU want to get into an airplane and go jetting around the skies with a drunk pilot? How many people can be killed by a drunk pilot? Well, fortunately there was the captain of the plane that wasn't drunk and, apparently, turned this guy in. I am under the same exact restriction in blood alcohol content: no more than .04 percent while driving a commercial vehicle. Well I can assure you that I drive commercial vehicles with a 0.000000000000 ad infinitum alcohol blood content. Not that I never drink, but I certainly don't do it before or during dri…