Saturday, November 5, 2011


So, there is a leak in the roof on this trailer.  Well, not totally unsurprising, but certainly a pain to have to deal with.  I am considering using the Camper's World service to fix it.  They have a rubberized coating they put on for $300.  I assume - but would ask if I decide to go that route - that it's guaranteed to stop leaks.  I dunno.  I am guessing this move of this trailer is going to be put off much further than I wanted it to be.  Which is okay, I will get this stuff done before I even think about moving it up there.

I'm guessing I'll be waiting for tax time and a return to finish up whatever needs finishing next year and be done with it, get it moved up there and be ready for a bit of summer relaxation in the cool, mountain pines/air.  Is it going to be worth it?  I guess I'll find out.  One thing's for sure, it rains up there much more than it does down here.  I cannot even think about having a leaking roof up there, just isn't going to cut it.

Well,  a visit to the roof of the trailer is certainly in order.  Not today, however.  I have junk to get done and then in 2 hours, I have to be back at church to do the "Duck Pond" thing.  Prayer this morning was good, but I still feel completely out of place.  Not sure, if ever, that feeling is going to go away?

Like, a 5 hour interlude, lol.  I did the 2 hour Duck Pond stint.  It was actually quite fun cause' there were a bunch of little kiddies and even some of the adults love that game!  I left, though, they are still going at it now but are going to be shutting it down soon.  Today is, at least for me, really the first day that it has actually felt like Fall.  It's been cool all day long.

Lynnette was working away on the wallpaper. I took a look at the light fixture in the ceiling that had filled with water after last night's rain.  No idea - perhaps tomorrow after church I'll get up on the roof of it and see if I can see where the damage is and what it is going to take to repair it.

News.  Lots of it on the internet, that's for sure.  Nothing new, really.  A bunch of psycho's out there.  Iran at the top of the "danger" news again.  This that and the other thing.  Again, nothing new.

So, I"ll call this one done.

Saturday 11/5/2011

Yesterday, we tried to get the AC working on my "new" 5th wheel travel trailer.  The fan won't come on.  We took the panels off the unit and I spun the fan by hand - but - it still wouldn't do the trick.  The compressor did come on, however, a very good thing indeed.  There is a huge chasm of a difference in replacing a fan motor and replacing a burned out compressor in one these AC units.

Not sure if I can replace one myself or not, but I'm going to see about it.  It's going to cost me $50 to have the thing hauled to the service center and $50 to have it hauled back, plus whatever it costs to repair it - I'm guessing to pay a repair facility to do it around 3 bills - so looking at $400 total to fix it that way versus attempting to see if I can remove the motor myself and replace it - I'm guessing around $100 for a new fan motor.  The difference in price motivates me to at least get up on the top of the trailer, remove the cover and take a look.  It can't be that hard, right? Lol.

I was thinking of getting a notebook or laptop - on payments instead of chucking down cash and being - broke.  However, I am going to wait until Black Friday and see what kinds of deals might be had.  Besides, I am completely lost on these things.  I have learned a great deal about desk tops - but these portable computers are a bit out of my knowledge span excepting the ram and memory capabilities.  If I'm going to get one, I want at least 4 gigs of Ram and at least a 500 gig harddrive, plus I want it expandable to 8 Gigs of ram.  Other than that?  I guess I'll have to do research and see what other people have to say about what is "must-have" and what things may annoy people about them.

I am supposed to go to a prayer walk this morning for the event this afternoon.  I am sitting here, in my comfortable chair, not wanting to do anything.  Gag.  Plus I'm hungry.  Umm, I'll go just because I need to get more involved with things at the church, though I am to spend 2 hours this afternoon operating a "Duck Pond", lol.  From what I see online?  It's just a bunch of ducks in a small pool of water that little kids pick  up and find the number on the bottom.  The number correlates to a prize.  Okay, this is a really hard game, lol.  I hope I can pass 2 hours without getting extremely bored.

Of course, it rained last night while I was sleeping.  I couldn't do it while I was AWAKE, thank you very much.  I don't know how long it rained but everything looks pretty well saturated out there - no watering any plants for at least 4 days!  It's always nice when the temps come way down, the ground doesn't dry out so fast and watering plants can be put off in longer intervals.

Interesting.  A friend saw my post on Facebook asking the difference between a notebook and a laptop and had her - 15 year old son, computer guru apparently - call me and explain all kinds of stuff about these things.  Alrighty then.  I was surprised to find out that you can get a Droid phone, download an app and use that phone as a router, basically, to supply internet service to your laptop.  Didn't know that.  Very interesting indeed. I have a Verizon phone from work - just a plain Jane thing - would like to take a drive up to my mom's property and see what kind of reception I get.  The coverage map shows red over her property - but are those maps accurate?  Have not been able to find that out.

Umm, well I am going to the prayer thing, drag myself out of this chair, to the shower, hurry up and get moving cause I only have half an hour before I have to be there.

Which is, actually, plenty of time  : )

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