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So, there is a leak in the roof on this trailer.  Well, not totally unsurprising, but certainly a pain to have to deal with.  I am considering using the Camper's World service to fix it.  They have a rubberized coating they put on for $300.  I assume - but would ask if I decide to go that route - that it's guaranteed to stop leaks.  I dunno.  I am guessing this move of this trailer is going to be put off much further than I wanted it to be.  Which is okay, I will get this stuff done before I even think about moving it up there.

I'm guessing I'll be waiting for tax time and a return to finish up whatever needs finishing next year and be done with it, get it moved up there and be ready for a bit of summer relaxation in the cool, mountain pines/air.  Is it going to be worth it?  I guess I'll find out.  One thing's for sure, it rains up there much more than it does down here.  I cannot even think about having a leaking roof up there, just isn't going to cut it…

Saturday 11/5/2011

Yesterday, we tried to get the AC working on my "new" 5th wheel travel trailer.  The fan won't come on.  We took the panels off the unit and I spun the fan by hand - but - it still wouldn't do the trick.  The compressor did come on, however, a very good thing indeed.  There is a huge chasm of a difference in replacing a fan motor and replacing a burned out compressor in one these AC units.

Not sure if I can replace one myself or not, but I'm going to see about it.  It's going to cost me $50 to have the thing hauled to the service center and $50 to have it hauled back, plus whatever it costs to repair it - I'm guessing to pay a repair facility to do it around 3 bills - so looking at $400 total to fix it that way versus attempting to see if I can remove the motor myself and replace it - I'm guessing around $100 for a new fan motor.  The difference in price motivates me to at least get up on the top of the trailer, remove the cover and take a look.  It …