Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday 11/6/2011

Church starts in just over an hour.  Lol, I haven't even begun to get ready for it yet.  Actually, the pre-service prayer starts in a couple of minutes - I'm going to pass on that this morning as I went yesterday.

I had thoughts of getting up on the trailer and seeing what I could find in terms of where a leak or leaks might be, but I decided against that.  If I found what is wrong, I might be tempted to by-pass church and go right to work on it.  I have decided that I can probably fix whatever myself.  Even if I have to put on new sheet metal, it will cost considerably less to do it myself than taking it to a shop.  I just like the idea of a shop because it will come with a guarantee, the downside to a shop is the bill.  Probably not cheap to have them doing it right - which means they will undoubtedly want to replace the metal versus slopping on roof tar or elastomeric roof coating.

Benefits run out for the unemployed.  This news is all over the internet now.  99 weeks has passed for millions of Americans who can't find work and now?  I have no clue.  What do these people do to survive?  Food stamps?  HUD housing?  Welfare?  What does that tell us about the near future?  Is it likely that the gloom prophets are correct, that 2012 will see a double-dip recession?  How many of those people that are unemployed and have been unemployed for over 99 weeks used to have great jobs and spend lots of money?  How many more are being added to the over-99-week roles every week?  How far is this going to go before it comes to an end?

Just questions I have, I have no answers.

Another interlude - went to church.
Now? My son just called.  The talk we were going to have last week was put off til' this week and now he wants to do it.  It's his show, really, not mine.  He wants to tell me some things but - don't really know where this is going.  I just know that I am hungry and am going to go somewhere with good food and he can talk away and I will be all ears.

Yet another interlude.  This is the "all-day-entry" going here.  We went to Applebee's and I listened with great interest to his plans for the next 4 or 5 years - and beyond.  He is totally focused, I'll give him that much.  I won't say anything negative about his ideas.  I fully support him.  Because of that, I won't go into it - excepting to say it's all about the Lord and God's plan for his life.  And lemme tell you, we are coming into the age of the prophetic and things are going to start rolling, especially with this younger generation.  I will be praying for him and what he wants to do.  Had a great meal at Applebee's, this didn't go on forever but it was as long as it needed to be.

I did finally climb up a ladder and tookalookit the roof of that trailer. That roof has already been replaced.  It's a solid sheet of metal from front to back. The ONLY place it can be leaking is at the vents.  So, I am going to take that stuff apart and treat it - nicely - with the correct material - and that should take care of the leaking problems.

My cat trap was broken the other day when I set out some bait/tuna fish in it. My plan was to catch a cat and keep it for a day.  See what happens.  Well, 3 rungs had been broken off of it, there was clearly a cat in that thing because the tuna was gone.  I am suspicious.  I couldn't find the broken rungs on the ground where the trap was at.  That's 3 rungs, all broken off at once, with no trace of the rungs?  I Jerry-rigged the thing.  I used baling wire and I can guarantee that that is not going to just "break" after one use.

If it didn't break by normal use - that trap has only been used a few times now - well, I am going to do something else.

So, the roof was a relief to see that it can only be something that should be easily fixed - I hope anyway.  The AC?  Haven't looked at that yet.

Steelers v Ravens.  Ummm, interesting game so far is all I can say about that.  2cd quarter, tie game.

Well, anyway, day is over, work week approaches, time to get ready for bed.



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