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Sunday 11/6/2011

Church starts in just over an hour.  Lol, I haven't even begun to get ready for it yet.  Actually, the pre-service prayer starts in a couple of minutes - I'm going to pass on that this morning as I went yesterday.

I had thoughts of getting up on the trailer and seeing what I could find in terms of where a leak or leaks might be, but I decided against that.  If I found what is wrong, I might be tempted to by-pass church and go right to work on it.  I have decided that I can probably fix whatever myself.  Even if I have to put on new sheet metal, it will cost considerably less to do it myself than taking it to a shop.  I just like the idea of a shop because it will come with a guarantee, the downside to a shop is the bill.  Probably not cheap to have them doing it right - which means they will undoubtedly want to replace the metal versus slopping on roof tar or elastomeric roof coating.

Benefits run out for the unemployed.  This news is all over the internet now.  99 weeks has …