Monday, November 7, 2011


It's raining. From the looks of it, it has been raining much of the night.  Well, I wish it would do this while I'm home, preferably during the daytime so I can set around and enjoy it instead of it coming in by stealth in the middle of the night.  Looking at the radar, this storm is passing through a large swath of the state and the northern part of it?  It's snowing in Flagstaff.

Which reminds me, I forgot to replace the windshield wiper blades on my car, ouch.

I have nothing much this morning.  I was just reading some interesting information about Herman Cain's background.  I haven't decided who I am going to vote for for the GOP candidate to face off Obama.  Still looking at the information.  Not sure about this situation with Cain and the alleged sexual harassment that he engaged in with - apparently several women.  He has some great credentials other than that.  The media certainly isn't letting him off the hook even if he is going around saying he won't answer any more questions about it.  I don't like Mitt Romney so I won't be voting for him, Perry is looking less attractive, I'm still up in the air about Bachman, I like Ron Paul's take on things - for the most part but not 100%.

Good thing there is time, lol, to make a decision.  Maybe I won't actually make a decision until I am in the voting booth!  In every other presidential campaign, I have already decided by now who I am going to vote for, but that simply isn't the case this time.  I'm not a one-issue person. I want to know the specifics a person is going to do about turning the economy around; I want to know what the candidate is going to do with Obamacare; I want to know how any given candidate is going to treat our ally Israel.  And what are you going to do about the free ride the unions are getting?  I really didn't know much about unions, to be honest, until the economy went sour and suddenly government officials are looking at ways to balance the budget and then started looking at unions and much of it having non-existent contributions for health care or pension plans, or very, very little contributions.

That got my attention.

Meanwhile, Randy, my next door neighbor who basically said he doesn't care what his cats do, they don't have leash laws for cats so they can do what they want - is still speaking with Lynnette and Mark.  "Oh, we're just mad at Ben, not you guys".  We being 3 properties full of both junk and animal hoarders and one more property of 350 man who apparently has never heard of the term: landscaping.  Randy's property is far worse now than it has ever been with junk laying out over the ENTIRE property.  And I do mean JUNK.  Maybe I'll snap a few shots of all of this this week.  Allegedly, he is going to get a permit and start building some sort of - if it's anything like the rest of what he does - ramshackle house.  Fortunately, he won't get away with building whatever he wants to over there, Phoenix city codes and code compliance along with the inspectors that come out and demand that every portion of any given project  be inspected before moving on - will stop him from building some kind of piece of garbage.

If he's really going out on the fringes, he will have to ask for a hearing to have zoning changed or a variance on his property.  I will be at that hearing, if it comes down to that, as I am not about to live next to some piece of s*** pile of garbage "house" that does nothing but uglify the neighborhood and bring down already low property values even more.  Meanwhile, I am considering applying for my own variance.  Though, only slightly considering it.  That would be to allow 1 trailer to be parked on my property as recognized living unit by the City.  The problem I would have with that is that all these hoarders would show up just to spite me and probably if the council sees it as a potential problem, they aren't going to give it's stamp of approval.

Though, I could take pictures of the properties around mine and make a very valid argument that it will do NOTHING to further deteriorate the quality of the neighborhood since it's already at the bottom of the barrel.

Whatever the case, it's still raining and I am - off to work.  If it's rained enough, the job sites will all be shut down and it will be a very boring day at work, indeed.


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