Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday 11/8/2011

So yet another woman has stepped forward claiming sexual harassment against Cain.  Is there any truth to any of the allegations?  I guess the real question is: what really happened versus what people are claiming happened.  Whatever the case, I'm even more interested in what these allegations may do to his polling numbers.

It's gotten Phoenix' version of cold here.  We went from summer temps one day to cold temps the next, that's pretty much the way it works around here.  We aren't gradually introduced to the cooler temperatures, we are plunged smack dab into them.  It's 46 degrees out right now at just before 6:00am.  One of the kid tenants just left, came back in and left the door wide open.  Even 30 feet away from that door, I felt the cold air almost instantly - and got up and shut the d*** thing.  I don't normally have to run heat around here, the house has good insulation and since it warms up nicely during the day, it stays warm enough through the night.  But, when it gets into the 30's, then the furnace comes on.

There isn't much more to yak about.  Work was slow yesterday, hopefully there is something going on today, the job sites were shut down yesterday due to all the rain.



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