Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday 11/9/2011

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us.  I am taking 3 days off on the week leading up to Christmas, that  weekend and Monday a paid holiday which will give me 6 full days off in a row.  My dad wanted me to come down for Thanksgiving, but I have been taking time off at Thanksgiving for several years running now and nothing off at Christmas.  I'm much more interested some time off at Christmas this year.

I guess the idea of Christmas being here "so soon" is amazing just because summer seems to finally have ended.

I have not contacted the mortgage company again.  I get tired of the bantering.  They have their little game and I don't like playing it.  It takes forever to get through to anyone if you are calling them - which is the ONLY way to get anything done as witnessed by my recent letter and getting a pure-nothing reply.  They then ask you, every single time, a multitude of questions, the same questions.  Then you have to talk to a know-nothing that won't let you through to anyone else until you discuss it with them - or they will hang up on you.  You waste your time talking to them because they cannot answer your questions and they have ability to do anything about the situation, anyway.  This just goes on and on.  It takes me a while to get up the motivation to go through all of that to begin the process.

Meanwhile, my manager at work has a buddy that gets old laptops and re sells them after upgrading them.  I'm going to wait and see what kind of deal, if any, I might be able to get on one of those before diving into the "buy a new one" situation.  My manager has one that he paid $1,200 for a year and a half ago - but I don't have as much money as he wants for it available right now.  Not that I have to have one right now, anyway.

The wall papering is coming right along, but we are almost out of wall paper.  I was hopeful  that 3 double-rolls would take care of it - it did not and I ordered 3 more double rolls which definitely should do the job.

Ummm, I am off to work early - emergency order that has to go out as early as possible today.



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