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Wednesday 11/9/2011

Before you know it, Christmas will be upon us.  I am taking 3 days off on the week leading up to Christmas, that  weekend and Monday a paid holiday which will give me 6 full days off in a row.  My dad wanted me to come down for Thanksgiving, but I have been taking time off at Thanksgiving for several years running now and nothing off at Christmas.  I'm much more interested some time off at Christmas this year.

I guess the idea of Christmas being here "so soon" is amazing just because summer seems to finally have ended.

I have not contacted the mortgage company again.  I get tired of the bantering.  They have their little game and I don't like playing it.  It takes forever to get through to anyone if you are calling them - which is the ONLY way to get anything done as witnessed by my recent letter and getting a pure-nothing reply.  They then ask you, every single time, a multitude of questions, the same questions.  Then you have to talk to a know-nothing that won'…