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Speeding Ticket/350 Man Appeal

I pulled 2 surprises out of my mailbox today.
First was a letter from the city of Chandler, AZ.
It was a photo enforcement ticket.  Chandler
is loaded with photo radar setups at numerous
intersections, I know where all of them are.  If
I were inclined to be excessively speeding, I
certainly wouldn't be doing so through an intersection that
has photo radar doing both speeding and red light infractions.

Further, I didn't remember getting flashed except a few times
a while back while driving the semi - on a green light going 5 mph BELOW
the speed limit through the intersection.  The cameras were
malfunctioning and were flashing every vehicle going through there.

I open it up.  A black car, at night, owned by a woman in Glendale
that has the same last name as me.  Yeah, whatever.  Again, I don't own
a foreign, small black car, I don't know this woman in Glendale and I
never go into Chandler at night.  Yet, the pic of the man driving the car?
Strikingly close to me.  I'…

Thursday 11/10/11

11/11/11/ approaches - like - tomorrow.  I have given the day no more credibility or thought than any other day, but an amazing amount of people I have encountered have.  So I ask them what makes it evil - or good?  No one can answer that question, they've just "heard" about it.  I did a little looking online - there is no evidence to base even a superstition on this set of numbers - but then again, this is the stuff superstitions are made of.

If anything, I would feel it a lucky number in terms of blackjack!

The guy I bought the trailer from calls yesterday.  Good.  I still owe him $400 on the thing, he's looking for his money, I agreed to pay him by the 17th of this month.  I asked him about the AC that worked so great for him.  Yup. Will, it isn't working now.  Oh.  The fan motor must be burned out.  Oh, and by the way, you certified this thing as having no leaks, but it definitely has a leak.  The point wasn't to b**** at him about false claims or claims …