Friday, November 11, 2011


"What does that guy want, to be able to harass you?", spoken by a lady at work who reacted to my informing her that this guy is now appealing the Injunction case to the Superior Court.  My manager - same kind of reaction.  Yes, but there is something that goes on your record, apparently, with this kind of Injunction.  I don't know.

I handed the same lady the photo radar ticket.  "Ohhhh noooo!", was her reply until she started looking at the pictures, lol.  "Well THIS isn't YOU!".  "Look at the license plate, it's from out of state!".  On and on.  My manager's like: "If I get a photo radar ticket, I'm going to tell them it was you!", referring to the fact that I am have been named as a person driving a car that isn't mine, the owner of the car I don't know and certainly I don't live in the state that is on the plate.

The only thing I will say is if a police officer in the City of Chandler is going to falsely accuse me of this crap - there is an officer's name and badge number on the ticket - then the City of Chandler can waste their money on having me served and also on court proceedings.  I'll just add here that I hate photo radar, even if I drive legally, I don't WANT government taking pictures of me while I am driving down a freeway or on a surface street.  I don't want them having live video cameras at intersections, either, which many of them are loaded with, especially in Chandler.

I did end up driving down to Arizona City today - but not after working my @$$ off in pulling the entire order - most of it anyway - and spending a great deal of time attempting to get it loaded onto the truck.  It was a 76k order - large by our current standards - and it was a nice drive.  Well, it isn't that nice, just nice to get out of town.  I-10 between Chandler and Casa Grande is a - well I won't use that term - how about a FUBAR?  Yes, indeed.  There is a LOT of traffic on the Interstate in this area and a lot of accidents occur, plus there is a huge construction project.  It will be much better when they get it done - a 6 lane interstate highway between Chandler and Tucson.  But, it has been going on for a couple of years now and undoubtely will be at least a couple more before the entire project is finished.  I"m guessing, anyway.

Well, I'm going to throw this in here.  I have no idea what was going through McCreary's mind when he saw a man raping a boy.  No idea, whatsoever.  It, uhh, kinda gives me doubts, really, about his story.  But it's probably only because I know what my reaction would be.  If I saw  a man in the ACT of raping a young boy, I would probably kill the man.  If not, there is no doubting in my mind that my instant rage would put some serious hurt on that person.  Don't know about Pennsylvania, Arizona law states that you can use lethal force against a person caught in the act of rape.  I read that straight out the state statutes.

This guy didn't even call the police, much less DO something about the vile, incredibly sick thing that was taking place in front of his eyes.  There is no doubting in my mind that he should be fired from his coaching position along with Paterno.  I find this man's inaction FAR worse than anything Paterno has done, or didn't do.  He may very well be the whistle-blower, who cares.  He did what amounts to nothing about it.  How could you not just find something - a bat, large branch, pole, whatever is available and bash the guy committing the rape over the head with it?  I don't understand this situation at all.

I have been listening to this situation unfold over the news for the last several days, it's sickening.

Uhh, enough of it.  I can't really think about that too long.  I started to read the grand jury indictment and got to the part about this coach sodomizing a 10 year old boy in a shower and clicked off of it.  Overload.

The weekend is here.  My plans, as usual, are nothing great, grand or fancy, but it entertains me, keeps me occupied and I like the results of the fruit of my labor.  I am also very much enjoying not having 2, stupid, individuals starting trouble with me all the time.

I have also started to format plans within my mind about summer.  I never look forward to summer, but the idea of spending some or many weekends up north is certainly intriguing.  I figure to take several 3 day weekends and some 4 or even 5 day vacations.

Long interlude, like a quarter day, lol.

Time for bed.


Friday 11/11/11

Times of "nothing" don't seem to last long.  Problems, that is.  Just when I thought I finally had some peace around here, baam, this guy is filing to take this to the Superior Court. The only good thing about this appeal 350 man has made is that the Harassment Injunction can NOT be stayed while the appeal is going on.  I read that online on the judiciary site yesterday. The other thing is that appeals always take forever.  It might be 2 months before this thing gets through the court, or even longer.

Dunno yet.  But, I already have several arguments running through my head.  In an appeal, the most important thing to focus on and spend as much time as necessary is the brief.  This is why, if I recall correctly, you get 30 days to file your reply brief AFTER you receive the appellant's brief.  The judge will read the brief and most  likely come up with a ruling just by reading the briefs and going over the facts of the original trial.  Oral arguments don't really count for much.  In fact, when it comes my turn to present an oral argument?  I will probably simply say that my entire argument was already outlined in my brief and that I have nothing further to add to it.  Whatever the case, the evidence at trial - mainly 350 man's own mouth belying himself - is extremely compelling and I have doubts that any judge is going to reverse the decision or, if such case, remand it back to the Justice court to have a do-over trial.  I hope not, because 350 man will undoubtedly learn to keep his mouth shut, which is what go him into this mess to begin with, he simply doesn't know when to shut up.

Meanwhile, my mother scored big time for my trailer in going to yard sales yesterday.  Just throwing it in there.  She enjoys yard saleing and trying to find the deals, now she has a "mission" and it's even more enjoyable because it isn't just looking through stuff to see if there is anything there she might want, it's now a mission to find the stuff she thinks I will need for that trailer.

Today is the "infamous" 11/11/11.  The only ominous sign is a helicopter flying around in circles above my area right now, and has been for about 20 minutes.  This usually denotes the police searching for someone and using the chopper to help them out with that.  They will shine a very powerful spotlight into everyone's back yards looking for whoever in an attempt to see if someone is hiding out.  I don't give a morsel's choice of a flash of anything in credence that today, somehow and for some reason other than the fact that the same number is the only number in today's date (though technically, it's 2011, not 11, so there) and that, therefore, must elude to the "fact" that something bad is going to happen.  It's Friday, it's a great day!

Yes, it's Friday. Supposedly a trip to Arizona City - a small town in the middle of the desert - to deliver to a new well site being built, but yesterday there were glitches with the order and I have no idea, now, whether it's going to happen or not.  I hope so - or hope something is in the system, cause' I like being busy with something to do.

The situation with Sandusky and Penn State?  I have no comment.  Well, I have plenty of comments, if it's true what McCreary is saying then - vile is all I can say about it.  I'm just reading the developments as they come out.  But, there has been no trial yet, there has been no decision of a jury, wait and see.

As for this weekend?  It says possibility of rain on Sunday, meaning tomorrow I might get up on that trailer roof, take off the vent cover and take a lookit the situation.  I dunno what else, I think just continuing on with my landscaping project, of which I have taken several days off since I have been getting home from work late.

Oh, and then there is this photo ticket.  I am half laughing/half nauseated about it.  How do they send me a ticket for someone else's vehicle that is registered in another state to a person that has the same last name as me, but for that, the ONLY similarity?  A car I have never seen before, much less driven.

Time to leave for work.



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