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"What does that guy want, to be able to harass you?", spoken by a lady at work who reacted to my informing her that this guy is now appealing the Injunction case to the Superior Court.  My manager - same kind of reaction.  Yes, but there is something that goes on your record, apparently, with this kind of Injunction.  I don't know.

I handed the same lady the photo radar ticket.  "Ohhhh noooo!", was her reply until she started looking at the pictures, lol.  "Well THIS isn't YOU!".  "Look at the license plate, it's from out of state!".  On and on.  My manager's like: "If I get a photo radar ticket, I'm going to tell them it was you!", referring to the fact that I am have been named as a person driving a car that isn't mine, the owner of the car I don't know and certainly I don't live in the state that is on the plate.

The only thing I will say is if a police officer in the City of Chandler is going to fal…

Friday 11/11/11

Times of "nothing" don't seem to last long.  Problems, that is.  Just when I thought I finally had some peace around here, baam, this guy is filing to take this to the Superior Court. The only good thing about this appeal 350 man has made is that the Harassment Injunction can NOT be stayed while the appeal is going on.  I read that online on the judiciary site yesterday. The other thing is that appeals always take forever.  It might be 2 months before this thing gets through the court, or even longer.

Dunno yet.  But, I already have several arguments running through my head.  In an appeal, the most important thing to focus on and spend as much time as necessary is the brief.  This is why, if I recall correctly, you get 30 days to file your reply brief AFTER you receive the appellant's brief.  The judge will read the brief and most  likely come up with a ruling just by reading the briefs and going over the facts of the original trial.  Oral arguments don't really…