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Saturday 11/12/2011

Umm, I was about to start this entry and then decided I better get out and about and get some things done. First on the list - haircut.  I tend to let it go because I hate waiting in long lines for a haircut.  I got lucky this morning and was the only one in there, plus the lady did an excellent job.  

Then decided that a nice cafe mocha, venti size from Starbucks would be cool, I rarely go there cause' their drinks aren't exactly cheap - got one of those.  Then over to Ace Hardware looking at lawn vacuums, but their prices were higher than I wanted to pay.  Over to Fry's fueling station - you get money off gas prices by using your shopper's card - I got 20 cents off per gallon which is a pretty good deal so I filled up. Then, over to Home Depot where I found a much better vacuum and bought it along with another gallon of wallpaper paste since Lynnette has used most of the other gallon up.

Got home and got into a Facebook conversation with a lady I know from the minis…