Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday 11/12/2011

Umm, I was about to start this entry and then decided I better get out and about and get some things done. First on the list - haircut.  I tend to let it go because I hate waiting in long lines for a haircut.  I got lucky this morning and was the only one in there, plus the lady did an excellent job.  

Then decided that a nice cafe mocha, venti size from Starbucks would be cool, I rarely go there cause' their drinks aren't exactly cheap - got one of those.  Then over to Ace Hardware looking at lawn vacuums, but their prices were higher than I wanted to pay.  Over to Fry's fueling station - you get money off gas prices by using your shopper's card - I got 20 cents off per gallon which is a pretty good deal so I filled up. Then, over to Home Depot where I found a much better vacuum and bought it along with another gallon of wallpaper paste since Lynnette has used most of the other gallon up.

Got home and got into a Facebook conversation with a lady I know from the ministry days - she lives in Texas - about making  a quilt for me and then my mom.  She has already started my quilt and will do my mom's when she's done with mine.  As a lot of people in this nation, she is unemployed and has been for quite a while now.

Then got on the phone with mom about the color patterns she might like on a quilt if she were to receive one for Christmas, lol.  Beige, blue and dark red.  She has good taste in colors and what goes together is all I can say about that.

Now?  About to go outside and get that vacuum going so I can get on with this landscaping project.  I want to get that done so I may put off the roof thing on the trailer.  The trailer isn't any big hurry project at the moment, anyway.  There is a lot to do with that trailer and I figure at least a couple of months before I have it the way I want it.  Wallpaper; AC; carpet; mattress and microwave.  Landscaping: basically the entire front yard, maybe half of it is finished at the moment and a lot of tedium left to go with it.


Long interlude.  My new vacuum is awesome!! I can just move the end of the thing around in the rocks and it sucks the leaves and junk right out of there!  Exactly what I hoped I would get, plus the thing has a 2 year warranty on it.

My son just came out and started complaining about the newest Playstation game: Call Of Duty MW3.  He was frankly disgusted.  Apparently, when you are killed in the game and you "spawn" - come back to life - you come back to life near or next to an opponent who immediately kills you.  This did not happen, according to him, with the other versions of this game.  I dunno.  I don't buy or play these games anymore, quit a long time ago.

All 3 dogs got walked today.  This because the neighborhood kids were bored and they like walking giant dogs that get them a lot of attention.


Yes, another very long interlude.  I tend to get caught up in things on the weekends and let entries drag out all day long if necessary.  The people with 2 properties behind me? "Cleaned" up their house/property - but only on the front.  I am still subjected to the hoarding by virtue of having to see it from my back yard.  Their other property?  The definition of hoarding should have a picture of that property as a reference. They have done absolutely nothing.   I sometimes think about these things when I am outside, working away and trying to beautify my property - while - my neighbors are not only doing nothing to beautify their property, but seem to take pride in the pig-sty type of living conditions that they are perpetuating.

But, it is getting late - for me anyway, probably not most people - and I am going to bed.



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