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Worst time in church I have had since going to the one I am going to now.
I got into a particularly foul mood just before arriving at church and it never
changed. In the Christian realm, it would be called an attack of the enemy.
It came out of nowhere, too.  I was in a great mood and then baam, there I am
fighting off all kinds of mind battles.

I sat there in church wanting to leave and fighting off the feeling.  It never left the entire time
I was there.  Food fellowship after service?  I was leaving and a man who has greeted
me a few times asked if I were staying for food? No, thanks.

I came home.  Ate left over spaghetti and went outside, enjoying my property.
The Honeysuckles are in full bloom.  Both bees and a purple-headed hummingbird
were feasting on the flowers' nectar.  The hummingbird saw me and went to one of my desert
trees and sat on a low lying branch.  He/she started making noises.  I think it was
not pleased to be disturbed in the middle of his feast, but, I cer…

Sunday 11/13/2011

Ohhhh, noooooo, it's Sunday the 13th!  What will happen today?  Lol.  Alright, I have my own superstitions, I guess, but I just have to make a bit of fun at people that see numbers on the calendar and think: gee, this must mean something!  Or the Mayan calendar running out next year, too many people think it's the end of the world. Seriously, I have run into all kinds of individuals both online and face to face that absolutely believe that December 12, 2012 is going to be the "apocalyptic end of the world".  \

Regardless, this kid that has been walking my dogs is now giving me his entire family's "poor story".  They are, undoubtedly, extremely poor people, living just 3 houses down from me.  I can't take care of everyone, that is God's department, not mine.  I can help people, but that's only when I feel "led" to do so.  Those people have been living there almost the entire time I have lived here and they seem to be making it someh…