Monday, November 14, 2011

5 am

5 am - that's when I have to be at work in the morning.  That because there weren't enough hours in today to get everything done and this contractor wants this stuff out there at - 6 am.  That precludes any pre-work rituals, including writing in this blog.  Get up, take a shower, get dressed, go to work.

Umm, then there's the little thing about driving down to Arizona City again, so beit.  Maybe another long day tomorrow, as was today.

So, the wall papering project is almost done.  The second order of wall paper showed up today and Lynnette says there isn't much left to do.  The rest of that wall paper will be used in the other trailer.

Randy, my next door neighbor, was angry all day long today, so I was informed.  Someone turned in his cars.  Umm, it wasn't me.  I am waiting to see what is going to be done about the hoarders behind me, apparently there is a court date.  I wasn't invited. This is a different kind of court.  The city shows up and the defendant.  The city will undoubtedly have pictures.  The guy isn't going to win against the city and in this case, there is no reason he SHOULD win.  He and his wife are hoarders, there is nothing else to say about it.  I used to call it trailer trash, but the term hoarding/hoarders is the appropriate verbiage to describe what's going on over there.

Meanwhile, I was at the doctor's again today.  It isn't exactly a wonderful experience to have to drop your drawers in front of another man, but in a doc's office, at least the atmosphere is a "sterile" one, meaning there is definitely nothing sexual about it.  The doc decided there was a bump on one of my  - testicles.  I know, more information than anyone wanted, but it's my blog and it's my health, so I will go there.  Now, I am to go see a urologist.  The other thing the doc decided he needed to was - well I wasn't even given the option.  "I need to do a prostate exam".  If you know what that is, then you understand.  I was there for quite a while and watched a man enter, bleeding out of his right, large toe - bleeding rather heavily I might add and all over the throw rug and vinyl flooring.

The man told the lady at the desk - who couldn't see the blood dripping everywhere - that there was no mess being made.  ???  He was led immediately to the back. Blood dripping on the floor the entire way.  The lady behind the desk is sitting there, apparently believing no blood on the floor.  "Ummm, excuse, me, but  there is blood all over the floor and the throw rug".  That sent her into a flurry of activity for the next 15 minutes rolling up the throw rug and getting disinfectant to clean up the blood.

Whatever.  Another 10 day supply of antibiotics that kicked my @$$ last time and - well ----- whatever.  Deal with it.

I don't mind telling myself to deal with it, but have you ever had anyone else telling you that?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

You deal with things because you have to, not because someone is standing there telling you you must.

Well it's bedtime.  I usually go to bed at this time of night anyway.  But now?  It's 8 hours of bed instead of 9.  I don't need 9 hours of sleep, I have to go to bed in time for 9 hours of sleep to actually get around 6.  Long story, been going on for 7 years now.



Monday 11/14/2011

The work week clock starts afresh.
Sometimes I wish that clock could slow down a bit on the weekends.
Won't have an extra day off until Thanksgiving day and then, will have to
go to work the day after.  
But it's okay, I have 3 days off at Christmas, plus Christmas weekend and
the Monday after is a holiday, totaling 6 full days off.  

I got quite a bit more done on the front yard yesterday.  I'm at the hardest part, frankly, because I have to get underneath this giant bush/tree thing to get at the junk that's under there, clean it out and then lay both the landscaping rock and put down the other kind of rock next to it.  So I'm not really calling that particular part of it fun by any means - but it will look much nicer and therefore be worth the effort.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood kids tell me that Randy told Sam -the dude that is hoarding behind me - that when he gets into court to tell the judge that he's crazy, not all there and doesn't really know what the ticket is all about.  The guy got ticketed for the unbelievable mess over there.  Well, even if the judge buys that story, that still does not give him a pass to have that property like that over there. 

Obama saying that "all options are on the table".  What table?  I would hate to see us going into another war, but I don't see Iran as anything but a global threat.  The longer everyone sits on their hands about this, the closer Iran will get to getting nukes.  That's it.  Fire one off at Israel and there's the beginning of WWIII - or - the beginning of the end.  

Whatever.  Gotta git, work starts in half an hour.



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