Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday 11/15/2011

Long day.
Lots of driving.
Not complaining.
Love the hours : )

Visited with the pastor of the church I am going to at Starbucks after work.
Intense conversation.  Won't go into it, but it was a good conversation and
should prove fruitful in the near future is all I can say about it.

My next door neighbor - Randy - is now saying his new house will "look better than anything on this street", including mine, after he's done building.  He didn't tell me that, he isn't talking to me and I frankly don't care one way or the other if these hoarders don't like me, I don't like the way they live and store utter garbage outside of their homes.  He told it to others on the street.  My response?  Great, I hope it is.  Randy had specifically indicated my house and my kitchen for some reason, when he made those statements.  I further stated that it would only bring our property values up, go for it! Not to Randy, but to these people.

Onto other things.  Dog food.  I admittedly buy the cheap stuff. Pedigree.  I just can't afford to buy the good, quality dog food for 3 giant dogs.  But, I am going to start buying 2 kinds of dog food.  Pedigree for the 2 Danes and a much better, much higher quality food for the Dane/Catahoula mix.  She is half the size of the Danes and will live a much longer life.  I want to facilitate that with good, quality food that will help her with that.  Not that I wish my Danes a short life - but they have about 3 years left, more or less.  My Catahoula could easily live another  7 years.  She is in the top 3 of the best dogs I have ever had.  I seriously doubt I will ever have all kinds of dogs again, once the Danes pass, I will keep it at 2 dogs.  I would keep it at 1, but I like the idea of dogs entertaining each other while pack leader is away at work or whatever he is doing. May sound pathetic, the different dog foods, but otherwise?  They would all get the same thing so oh well.

I haven't looked at the city's "lookup" thing in a week, mine now says a "notice of violation issued".  Okay, I guess that was verbal and on the phone.  I haven't received anything in writing.  Lynnette reminded me the other day that 2 weeks had come and gone and they haven't called me.  No, but rest assured they will.  I am putting it off as long as I can without them actually issuing me a ticket.  If they issue me one, I will appear before a judge and tell the whole story.  But, I have only been contacted once about this by the city.  Who knows.  I live in a messed up neighborhood and there isn't much to say beyond that.

I listened to Sandusky's statement today on the radio.  Umm, wow.  He says he's not a pedophile or is sexually attracted to young boys - yet - he admits he has taken showers with them, touched them on the leg and "horseplays" with them.  Along with other statements that really made me very uncomfortable listening to this guy speaking.  In fact, it made me sick.  I have a son.  I have NEVER taken a shower with him.  What parent would strip naked and take a shower with their 10 year old offspring? Take a leap and think of a "man" totally unrelated to the boy taking showers with him?  You don't think the prosecutors in this case haven't heard this garbage?  Or that they won't use it in court? Play a recording of that interview to a jury and it doesn't take a leap of faith what kind of verdict they are going to render based on his OWN statements.

Whatever.  I was at work at 5 am this morning and got off at 3.  I have to be at work at 6am tomorrow morning, which is okay, only a half hour earlier than my current schedule.  But I am really tired right now.  I am only staying awake because it's too early to go to bed.  I busted @$$ both today and yesterday and tomorrow is going to be no different.

But also means I don't want to do anymore typing for an entry.

Later/sleep tight/whatever makes you happy.


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