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Tuesday 11/15/2011

Long day.
Lots of driving.
Not complaining.
Love the hours : )

Visited with the pastor of the church I am going to at Starbucks after work.
Intense conversation.  Won't go into it, but it was a good conversation and
should prove fruitful in the near future is all I can say about it.

My next door neighbor - Randy - is now saying his new house will "look better than anything on this street", including mine, after he's done building.  He didn't tell me that, he isn't talking to me and I frankly don't care one way or the other if these hoarders don't like me, I don't like the way they live and store utter garbage outside of their homes.  He told it to others on the street.  My response?  Great, I hope it is.  Randy had specifically indicated my house and my kitchen for some reason, when he made those statements.  I further stated that it would only bring our property values up, go for it! Not to Randy, but to these people.

Onto other things.  Dog food…