Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I had long ago gotten over the dude that left, owing money, leaving the room trashed and sending me nasty Facebook messages.  In fact, I had totally forgotten about him and his BS ........ until today.  Got home from work, got on Facebook and had a message from him.  It was a vile, nasty message that I don't find the need to repeat here.  I sent him back a message telling him exactly how I think about his life of the use of prescription narcotics; his inability to keep a job because of his drug addiction and other things.  I have gotten over ex-tenants owning me far more money than he did at the end, though the way he left really was disturbing to say the least.

Oh well.  If he contacts me again, I will block him, but not until I report him to Facebook.  Last time we had an interaction, he threatened to come up and kick my @$$.  I was amused by this, this guy is a foot shorter than me and not in very good health.  It wouldn't take much to pop him in the head a couple of times and lay him out on the ground, unconscious and needing medical help.

But then again, I don't go looking for such.  He owes me money and that was the only reason I was communicating with him after he left.  Once it became obvious he had no intention of paying the money, I abandoned the quest and also abandoned contacting him.

Umm, whatever.  Another long day today.  Not as long as the last 2 days, but long enough to get ever more OT.  Of course, that could all disappear in the next 2 days of work, who knows.  Tomorrow, though, has plenty to do in the truck routing system.  Then there is the moving of the store this coming weekend.  No word as to whether I will be needed or not, but they HAVE to have a truck to move all of that stuff meaning they have to have a truck driver to drive the truck, even if it's only a block and a half away.  Okay, really, it's only a block away.  I could use the extra money right now.  They are wanting to use salaried only people for the move since it's on a weekend.  Only one of them has a CDL that I know of and he let his go - didn't renew his medical card.  I'm guessing at least 10 truck loads to move everything.   At least.

I'm sitting here lusting after a laptop or a tablet.  Well, a laptop, ummm, a notebook, whatever.  A notebook will have more use for me in having a keyboard.  I hate notebook/laptop keyboards, but, if I were to use one long enough I would get used to it.  Tablets look nice in their portability, but I would, in the end, probably not be happy with it simply because of the keyboard issue and also not being to burn CD's or dump in DVD's or whatever.

What does having a 20 year old around that is totally into exercising and using bicycles to go everywhere even though he owns a pickup truck living in my house do for me?  Motivate me, of course.  Get out there and get some exercise.  Not that I don't get PLENTY at work, but it isn't the same as cardiovascular exercise, where you keep an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time.  Well he just took the 2 Danes out - no idea where he is going with them but he is pretty muscular and good with animals so I have no problems letting him take the 2.  He reminds me of me when I was that age, though I never did rodeo.  He stands out front of the house with a rope and turns the music on and goes at it practicing throwing the rope.  No, he doesn't crank the music up loud, just enough to annoy neighbors, in fact, I could hardly hear it when I went out there, this is a totally respectful person.

Peace? What is peace? Do you have any?  Got got it in your heart?  Mind? Soul? Being?

Umm, not finding the real deals on turkeys.  It's the week before, yes?  No, that's right, next week might be the possibility of a great deal on turkeys.  I'll wait. I haven't seen it yet.  Not like last year. You'd think we're all rich and prospering with the rise in food prices - but many "experts" have been predicting this for a while now and have said in 2012?  It's going to get FAR worse.  I dunno. I have to trust the Lord in this life, if He can't take care of me, then it's all over.  We all gonna starve?  Do it on the same boat - though I have been stocking up on shotgun shells.  Javelina is edible, if nothing else is available and there's plenty of that in the mountains behind me.

Seriously?  Dunno, just saying.  Who knows what's coming? God, that's the end of that story, at least for me.  Meanwhile, get myself into "spiritual condition" and that means getting into accountability, which should start sometime next week. No, I wasn't "told" to do that, I ASKED for it and I WANT it in my life.  That's from church, that was the discussion with the pastor yesterday and I'm all for it, even if parts of me - want nothing to do with it.

Time for bed.


Wednesday 11/16/2011

Ahhhh, a bunch of rich people - multi millioinaires - whining that they don't get enough money.  The NBA. I will miss it, I like watching NBA basketball, but, one has to wonder what they are doing to themselves.  People get a bit cranky about watching a bunch of babies crying that they don't get enough money when they are, in actuality, getting filthy rich just for playing a game.  People's memories are long for such things, too.  I think it doesn't bode well for the NBA - but we'll see next season if there is one - how many people actually come back to it.  It isn't the NFL, it doesn't have the same impact as the NFL does and I think people can live without it, to be honest about it.

Whatever the case, I only have a few minutes as I have to show up to work early again today - though not near as early as yesterday.  Busy week so far.  I have no idea whether I am supposed to show up for work this weekend or not.  We are moving to a new location.  There are quite a large number of truckloads of material that is going to have to be moved from one branch to the other.  That requires a truck driver, though, the new branch is only about - well - 3 football fields, maybe 4 - in length away from our "old" branch.

I'll take the OT if they wanna give it to me, is all I can say about that.

Nothing much else.  I am getting home from work so late that I have no time to go out there and get landscaping stuff done.  I hope today to get off at my normal time, to be honest. I already have the maximum amount of OT that I am allowed to have for any given week and Wednesday work day hasn't even started!

Offa here.



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...