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I had long ago gotten over the dude that left, owing money, leaving the room trashed and sending me nasty Facebook messages.  In fact, I had totally forgotten about him and his BS ........ until today.  Got home from work, got on Facebook and had a message from him.  It was a vile, nasty message that I don't find the need to repeat here.  I sent him back a message telling him exactly how I think about his life of the use of prescription narcotics; his inability to keep a job because of his drug addiction and other things.  I have gotten over ex-tenants owning me far more money than he did at the end, though the way he left really was disturbing to say the least.

Oh well.  If he contacts me again, I will block him, but not until I report him to Facebook.  Last time we had an interaction, he threatened to come up and kick my @$$.  I was amused by this, this guy is a foot shorter than me and not in very good health.  It wouldn't take much to pop him in the head a couple of times …

Wednesday 11/16/2011

Ahhhh, a bunch of rich people - multi millioinaires - whining that they don't get enough money.  The NBA. I will miss it, I like watching NBA basketball, but, one has to wonder what they are doing to themselves.  People get a bit cranky about watching a bunch of babies crying that they don't get enough money when they are, in actuality, getting filthy rich just for playing a game.  People's memories are long for such things, too.  I think it doesn't bode well for the NBA - but we'll see next season if there is one - how many people actually come back to it.  It isn't the NFL, it doesn't have the same impact as the NFL does and I think people can live without it, to be honest about it.

Whatever the case, I only have a few minutes as I have to show up to work early again today - though not near as early as yesterday.  Busy week so far.  I have no idea whether I am supposed to show up for work this weekend or not.  We are moving to a new location.  There are q…