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I was caught up in several traffic jams while driving the semi today - I am telling you driving a tractor-trailer rig in the Phoenix area is the cause of the grey hair on my head, not any of the other situations going on in life.  Several times today, drivers came flying up beside me and then cut in front of me and then.............hit their brakes directly in front of me after they just cut me off!  I am NOT in the fast lane or otherwise doing ANYTHING that would cause' a driver to get mad and try to "do" something.

I'm sitting in a left hand turn lane at a major intersection.  The green arrow comes up. The driver in front of me?  Paying absolutely no attention to anything but the electronic gadget in her hand.  I honked the horn and yes, I got the Eagle.  Oh, I was in the wrong, she should be able to play with her texting phone and whatever else she was looking at in there versus driving her freaking car.

There are roll over accidents every day on Phoenix freeway…

Thursday 11/17/2011

For a couple of months now, I have been watching construction workers slowly putting together a massive crane that they are going to use at an Intel plant.  They are busy building more fabrication plants.  Think microchips.  Intel makes a lot of money in that business.

Anyway, they finally had the thing done and up off the ground yesterday.  This thing is so large, that hauling counterweights to the job site for it is impossible, too heavy.  They, instead, take those 20 foot long shipping containers like you see on freight trains and on large ships, fill them up with sand and use that as the counter balance.  A man working at the site told me yesterday that they had 6,400 TONS of counter balance on that thing.  I can believe it, too, they have those containers stacked up on both side of that thing.

Supposedly, this machine costs 1 million per month to "rent".  They said next week they are going to start moving the items that the thing was brought in for: giant, metal trusses…