Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday 11/19/2011

As of the end of yesterday, I had worked the full week's allotted hours.  Today? However long I am on the clock is how many OT hours I will be getting.  Last I saw, there were 3 deliveries.  Those 3 deliveries are 3 separate truckloads.  The truck is already loaded and ready to go for the first run, but since it's going to the Intel plant, I will be there a while getting it off loaded.  Then to west Phoenix to pick up another load and back to Intel and then to the yard to pick up another load and off to the airport.  And that is just what was in there yesterday, who knows what might have been added since then.  Those 3 deliveries alone will take me into the afternoon.

The point is at this rate, I will see a much larger paycheck.  I just got paid last night - direct deposit - and that check was $180 more than what I "normally" get.  Another interesting effect of all of this work is the amount of fuel I am burning through in the semi.  Usually 2 fill ups a month? I will need to fill up early next week if not today for the 3rd fill up of this month and we are only 2/3rds through it.

City of Phoenix has sent me a letter giving me the deadline for getting the violation removed.  The end of the month, basically.  Well howdy doody.  I could appeal it - but I would lose, though it would give me more time.  The department that issued the violation actually has an appeal process.  Not a court thing, either, apparently, they decide whether your appeal has any merit or standing.  Again, it would buy some more time.

I dunno about you, but it's hard to imagine that the holidays are almost upon us, at least Thanksgiving.  I have NOT heard a lot of Christmas music blaring all over the place and for that I am very thankful. I love Christmas music, I do not, however, want to be subjected to it 3 months before Christmas ever arrives.  Black Friday approaches, but apparently the deals are going to start earlier and also the deals are going to supposedly be sweet online as well. I am looking for a portable computer of some sort, haven't even determined which kind with what stuff on it I want.  Pretty sure good deals on laptops and such will be popping up shortly.

Friday.  Week has flown by.  I have had no interactions with any of the hoarding neighbors.  Randy is completely ignoring me now, which is fine by me, I was giving him the same cold shoulder back after his stupid statements about no leash laws for cats and therefore, they will go wherever they please.  Yes and they can go right into an animal trap and be transported somewhere ELSE if I decide to start trapping cats again.

Umm, time to get out of here, work starts in 30 minutes!



Well it's almost 3 pm and I haven't heard from the manager about a run for tomorrow, so I'm going to assume that it isn't go...