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Saturday 11/19/2011

So, the 12 year old admits he dropped a shopping cart from 4 stories up and now they are "looking to get him back into the community"?!!
Why, so he can drop more shopping carts on innocent people's heads?!!  That woman him and his friend dropped that thing on is STILL messed up and probably will be for life.

Whatever.  I am headed out to go pay the rest of the trailer off today and get the title. Lynnette is close to being finished with the wall papering project in that  thing and it's looking good.   Still quite a lot to do to that thing, though.  I wish the AC would work and wouldn't have to deal with it.  I'm not, like, an AC repairman.  I know the fan motor is bad but how that equates into me being able to fix it, not sure yet.  I would hate to have to haul the thing to a repair facility.

So, here I was about to leave. Called the dude - he didn't get the title notarized as I asked him to.  I ain't driving all the way up there for nothing.  Banks…