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I couldn't decide whether to get up on that roof and start on one of those issues up there or start hauling rock and deal with that stuff out front - so - so far anyway - I've done neither.  I don't necessarily expect an extremely busy week at work, have Thursday off for Thanksgiving, but next weekend I may have to work in helping move from one building to another.  Someone has to drive that semi truck and I would be at least somewhat offended if it were another hourly worker.  If it's a salaried worker - as they are attempting to use for all of it - different story, but I don't know of any salaried workers in our local conundrum of people that have a CDL A license.

Ahhhh, working in the rocks out front isn't hardly work at all.  It's so incredibly beautiful outside, yes, I went out there and finished an area I had been working on and then figured on another area where I would like to put more of the landscaping rock.  Well, I didn't g…

Sunday 11/20/2011

I have definitely come to the firm decision that no matter how much of a pain in the @$$ it is going to be to do it, I am going to replace most of the plastic "fixtures" on the roof of that trailer and the other things up there I am going to scrape off all the old sealant down to the bare metal including using a wire wheel and get it all freshly sealed, new plastic and not have to worry about leaks.

I mean, it's going to be parked on a piece of property up in the mountains, it wouldn't be very smart or rational to take the thing up there with some leap of faith hoping it won't leak. The problem is simple.  There are giant cracks in the sealant where whoever has had this thing before has attempted to put fresh sealant on top of old sealant.  It doesn't work.  You HAVE top take the old sealant down to the metal if you want any kind of permanent fix.  That is my experience with it, anyway.  I'm going to have to stop at Harbor Tools today and see if they hav…