Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Part II

I have to be at work at 5:30 am tomorrow, that completely precludes me from writing in this blog in the morning.
Not the end of the world, but I will throw something in here now.

I got sent to Arizona City - don't worry, it's nothing but a desert hell-hole in the middle of - the desert - to deliver 3 giant fittings early this afternoon, meaning I didn't get off of work until almost 4:00pm.

When I got back to the branch, I saw all kinds of emails coming from management.  One of which was an announcement about our new branch: the move will occur this coming Monday through Wednesday. In reading the email, I am to work out of our main branch doing our area's deliveries during this time.  That should prove interesting in itself, I haven't worked out of that branch in at least 4 years.  But, I know the warehouse manager well enough, he's cool and we get along quite well, though I also would have to believe that even though my manager won't be there, he will still be directing what is going on with our deliveries (versus the main warehouse manager).

I am very excited, actually, about moving into the new building. It is SO incredibly MUCH nicer than that old pile of junk building we are in now.  Plus, everything will be new in there, it will be, for all intents and purposes, a brand new store.  The new building is on a major street with LOTS of traffic all day long.  Not sure how that might affect the daily operation of things, plus there are a lot of beggars in the area, but oh well.  I am not dissing beggars, I help them from time to time though I prefer to buy them the food they say they are starving for versus giving them money so they can go buy booze or drugs.

No biggies on not having to help with the move since it's not going to be on a weekend and therefore, just normal work hours = no overtime. They will be moving ALL of that stuff, apparently, with a 24 foot 10 wheel truck instead of using one of the semi's.  Ordinarily, that would sound like a very foolish idea - there is a lot of material to move - but since the new building is literally a block away, that will work out in the end.

I received my check today. I have said nothing about this until now, I don't think.  I figure if another economic collapse occurs in 2012, this will create 2 things.  1, the fact that I get to keep some of that money that will undoubtedly be lost in more stock crashes and 2, money in the bank for extreme emergencies.  I did spend a chunk of change on those trailers, though I do not regret it, it also depleted my reserves.  I have been having these 401k loans going for quite a while now, it's not going to phase me, to be honest, to keep another one going, especially considering I pay the money back to myself, not to someone else, with interest.

I am definitely looking forward to having a PLACE to go to in the mountains - versus tent camping.  I used to love tent camping but, the realization struck me: I just don't like sleeping on the hard, cold ground anymore.

So, I am going out to my mother's on Thursday for a Thanksgiving meal.  Sunday, I am going out again with Caleb.  Caleb needs to see his grandmother is all I can say about that.  Mom called today and asked if perhaps we might like to go to the shooting range on Sunday as well.  I believe it's the Ben Avery Shooting Range that is like only 15 minutes away from her house.  I immediately accepted the offer. I want to shoot off both the SW40VE Sigma and the 12 gauge shotgun.  I have plenty of ammo and I know Caleb will get into it as well.

Oh, forgot the company Christmas party - November 10th and the Annual Cornhole championship - I won one year, got $200 out of it, too, lol.
 Umm, that's all.  Time for bed.

Monday 11/21/2011

Weird, strange dreams last night.  I was on a military base, I guess it was, getting up for a day's work.  The bed I was sleeping on was outside, next to a building, no cover, just under the stars.  I was drinking a beer.  A military guard came over to me and said I was going to be arrested for drug violations.  He left to do something and I ran out of there, up a street and onto a golf course, where I plopped down into a deep hole and - woke up.

The other dream I was walking one of my dogs in a rough wilderness area.  One moment she was there, the next she was gone.  I couldn't find her anywhere and started calling her name - and woke up again to some strange noises in the house.  No idea, couldn't find the source of it.

The ex gave me the dates yesterday for her departure and return.  I had to ask, the information was not voluntarily given to me, which was kind of rude, I thought, since she is taking our son with her.  Leaving December 1st and returning December 9th.

Must be nice jetting across America - wish I could take a flight across the nation to some east coast town, see the sights and return a few days later!  I wouldn't mind going on a train tour of the country, either.  I had to ask Caleb if he was going to get that much time off of work, or was he planning on losing his job?  He has things he is doing that don't exactly mesh with taking that much time off of work - the Muay Thai classes for one that he is paying for and the fuel in the car to get there plus the insurance to drive the car.  She isn't working and her family is paying their way, I can see that, but I think my son has a bit to learn about financial responsibility.  I figure that will come whenever he goes out on his own and becomes responsible for a place to live and all that goes along with it.  His work is giving him the time off -unpaid of course - so I dunno how that's going to work out with him paying his bills.

Ummm, busy week en-queue.  I plan on going to the DMV office after work today and if the line isn't abysmally long I will get the title to that trailer transferred over into my name.  Feels good to have complete ownership of the thing versus making payments.  I guess this week I am going to have to have that other trailer moved and placed on an RV lot somewhere.  Well, no, this is only the 20th, I am going to milk that cow all the way until the 30th.

The strange thing is, none of my tenants are showing any signs of wanting to leave.  The rodeo kid has paid up this entire month and paid some of next.  The older guy pays the month in advance.  The other kid is behind, but he just paid a good chunk of change to get it closer to even.  But, you never know what's going on through a person's mind.  I'm just saying that whenever the next person moves out, Mark and Lynnette will move in.  Unless, of course, they decide they like living in the RV park in that RV, but then, they will have to buy that RV from me and make payments on it.  I'll leave that one up to them, I'm just starting to get the wheels in motion.

Lol, just got done reading the list of the worst passwords that are the easiest for a hacker to figure out.  I can guarantee that my passwords will never make the easy list.  Non-existent words with odd numbering sequences, to sit there and try to guess my password?  Might as well move on, it ain't gonna happen.

Well, it's time to leave for work.  I didn't sleep well last night so I'm sorta dragging my feet this morning.  At least there is some stuff to do today in the routing system which makes a day go by quickly.



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