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Monday Part II

I have to be at work at 5:30 am tomorrow, that completely precludes me from writing in this blog in the morning.
Not the end of the world, but I will throw something in here now.

I got sent to Arizona City - don't worry, it's nothing but a desert hell-hole in the middle of - the desert - to deliver 3 giant fittings early this afternoon, meaning I didn't get off of work until almost 4:00pm.

When I got back to the branch, I saw all kinds of emails coming from management.  One of which was an announcement about our new branch: the move will occur this coming Monday through Wednesday. In reading the email, I am to work out of our main branch doing our area's deliveries during this time.  That should prove interesting in itself, I haven't worked out of that branch in at least 4 years.  But, I know the warehouse manager well enough, he's cool and we get along quite well, though I also would have to believe that even though my manager won't be there, he will still…

Monday 11/21/2011

Weird, strange dreams last night.  I was on a military base, I guess it was, getting up for a day's work.  The bed I was sleeping on was outside, next to a building, no cover, just under the stars.  I was drinking a beer.  A military guard came over to me and said I was going to be arrested for drug violations.  He left to do something and I ran out of there, up a street and onto a golf course, where I plopped down into a deep hole and - woke up.

The other dream I was walking one of my dogs in a rough wilderness area.  One moment she was there, the next she was gone.  I couldn't find her anywhere and started calling her name - and woke up again to some strange noises in the house.  No idea, couldn't find the source of it.

The ex gave me the dates yesterday for her departure and return.  I had to ask, the information was not voluntarily given to me, which was kind of rude, I thought, since she is taking our son with her.  Leaving December 1st and returning December 9th.